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Originally Posted by matolmama View Post
WI this week down another 2.6 yeah baby!! been a hard week work wise back after 11days off. tired long hours, long week. sigh

That's a great loss!

I finally jumped back on my diet a few days ago and am now one pound less than I was when I took a break a month and a half ago. I guess when I saw last week I had gained 5lbs in one week I freaked and it was enough to get me back on track.

Boy did that come off fast. I lost that 5lbs in the last three days probably due to two factors: a) anyone loses a lot of weight the first week on any diet; b) I found these Green Tea Fat Burner soft Gel's at the health food store. Started taking 4 a day.

The only thing that's been bothering me is for the last month and a half I feel like I've been eating like a bird just to maintain.

So much for ever going back to my old eating habits. Bummer!

Don't get discouraged ever if you feel like you can't diet another day, take off as long as you need, just concentrate on MAINTAINING. When you are ready, get back on the diet. That's the greatest lesson I learned over the last month and a half break, that and weighing once a week doesn't work for me.

Daily weigh-ins keep me motivated and frustrated. But at least I stay motivated whether I'm elated or frustrated. I have found for myself going an entire week without weighing puts me into denial and old eating habits and emotions around those habits were creeping in.

You have to mentally be ready other wise it becomes pure torture. I wasn't ready so I really started slacking this last week, hence the 5lb gain.

I was actually talking myself into, "well, I don't look so bad at this size, maybe I don't need to lose anymore." It's amazing how self-sabotage creeps in. I NEVER wanted to be in my 160s again. The 160s scare the crap out of me.

So when I saw the scale read 161.6 a few days ago it was too much. I explained to my husband when I get to 125, I won't mind gaining five pounds because that'll only put me back in the 130s and I can take it off fast. But gaining 5lbs and putting me back into the 160s was a reality check, especially of how far I still have to go.

Also, since I had lost 45lbs my body felt and looked small. It had been 14 years since I had been that small. I wasn't used to it and it felt good. Only recently I have started feeling that fat feeling again with my squishy big belly. I know a portion of it is probably extra skin, but there's also a ton of fat still in here. So it's great motivation to get the rest off and get back to my normal size 8. Besides I'm sick to death of having giant boobs! I was a "D" cup before all this began at 125lbs. I can't imagine how big the twins got at my highest weight as I've been squeezing them into smaller bras for years.

I am elated to be back on my diet and feeling powerful again.

Size 8, here I come!

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