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Good Evening, Goldens!

I came home, ate some dinner, and promptly fell asleep in the reclinerÖ I feel dopey! BlahÖ

Rosey Ė I hope your cold didnít arrive, that you were able to fight it off. Sorry about your ddís rental; people can be PIGS. I hope they didnít do more than cosmetic damage.

Mary Ė thanks for the info on the Kindle for PC. I havenít used it much, donít feel very knowledgeable about it, but Iíve started to get Pixel for Ink and will check it out. Your morning yoga stretch class sounds lovely! As you all know so well, exercise is a VERY icky word to me, but I do enjoy yoga. It feels so good!

Marie Ė no, Iím in the twentieth century with a DSL modem. I might never get to the twenty first century, though! I need to write down all my questions into a coherent list and will email you with them. Thanks for the offer of help. I know my DSL modem doesnít have an antenna, because the TechFromTasmania said Iíd need a bridge router to attach to the modem. I love, love, love that you engaged and participated in the webinar by doing your toes!

Darcy Ė good thoughts for your son. I hope those kids donít pick on himÖ I canít abide bullying, never could, and kids are so good at it!

Freda Ė itís so GOOD to see you back! Iíve missed you! Glad your reunion went well and that you enjoyed. I hope Gayleís is going well, too!

Oh, Lynn Ė your weather SUCKS. I hope it dries out for you and that you donít have any problems from it. Did you ever get your a/c fixed, as well as the water leak in the laundry room ceiling??

PT/Zoe Ė are you getting rain, too?

KarenFL Ė you sound good, and Iím so glad youíre sleeping!!! That silly editing is one of the reasons we opted for the FB page. I guess, even at our ripe old ages, we still need to be protected.

Nancy Ė good to see you! By the way, how IS your DSD? Do you miss the little darling?

Nothing to report. Yesterday was incredibly long, but productive. Today was productive, too, and now Iíve about had it. I think Iím ready to just go to bed, although Iíll be up at 4, if I doÖ. so Iíll wait a little. I hope tomorrow is a good one! Everyone, later!

If you're not part of the solution, you're just scumming up the bottom of the beaker---unknown

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