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Hey GGs,
I feel like Iíve been gone from here forever! Boy am I out of the loop! I think Iíve been busy, but I sure donít seem to have accomplished much. First I was helping my stepson & his wife find a car (they actually ended up with a van), & making sure they got to & from work until they did. Then, after having it less than a week, it refused to start. Thought it was a problem with the computer, but after we had it towed to the dealership (Ford), it turned out to need a starter. Thatís something my SO could probably have fixed (& saved us some money), but since the van was already at the dealership, & he was at work, we had it fixed there. I sure hope thatís the only problem they have with it for awhile - this is getting expensive! At least Iím not worried about getting paid back, because stepson, & his wife are very conscientious about that, & we sat down & figured out a payment plan they can afford. Labor Day came sometime in the middle of that, & I had to fix potato salad & a cake for our family cookout, but fortunately it was at my nephewís house, not mine! We enjoyed that, especially since it was at someone elseís house! Then, my brother said his house was getting pretty dirty, could I come over & clean? I think I mentioned before, that I do that occasionally, & only charge him $20. Since he helps us out with any electrical problems around our house, & our two rentals, that we canít handle ourselves, & doesnít charge me much, I donít like to turn him down. So, I was at his house for 5 hours on Tuesday. It took me 2 hours just to do the dishes, & he lives by himself! (I think heíd had some friends & family over to eat with him.) Anyway, I got to stay home today (Yay!), & Iíve been trying to get caught-up on things around the house.

Iíve only checked in here a couple of times, so I know Iíve missed a lot. Iím going to post this, & then try to read all the posts Iíve missed, & see what everyoneís been up to. Thatís going to take awhile! I hope everyoneís been having fun!

(It just took me 30 minutes to connect to the internet, & another 5 minutes to get to this forum!!!!! MAYBE???!!! I'll get to stay around long enough to read the posts! Can you tell I'm frustrated?!)
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