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Darcy, I’m so glad to hear your son’s first day went well. It is so scary to have your child different from others because we know how mean kids can be sometimes, especially in a jr. high setting.

Carol Sue, I’m thinking if you only need one daily driver and your DH already has a restored Camaro, it’s your turn for a toy.

Val, LOL at the pants being inside out. I’m picturing you at the computer with your seams sticking out. I love fun visuals. And yes, it’s time for football. My longtime favorite team starts the season tonight. Go Pack Go! I have a Packer shrine in my office. Since it’s on over the air TV, I get to watch it. I chose not to keep Sunday Ticket this year since I can listen to the Packer Radio Network on Sirius. Heck, I chose to get rid of DirecTV while I was getting rid of Sunday Ticket. I love that monthly savings.

Donna, if you ask me – if you can wear your scrub pants on backwards, you are doing great on your diet. Butts tend to be bigger than stomachs.

Lynn, keeping good thoughts for you daughter and hope the flooding misses her. Stay away from those closed/should be closed roads.

Rosey, good for you on sending a Facebook. Even if they ignore it, if you felt some vindication, then it was worth it.

KarenFL. LOL at the caveat that Dash is your dog. When you wrote that for new 3FC, I then had the image of your DH sniffing your arm hairs. I thrilled you are on day two of pain free. I will find the skijor and scoot-jor pictures. I’m thinking we’re not on the same page.

Mary, I wished we lived closer. I’d love some fresh eggplant and zucchinis I’m envious of your friends. And clearly I should post a picture of DH (and mine) new car we bought last March. It’s a bright, eye catcher. I’ll post it with the skijor pics later today.

Another fun morning at work and I’m currently doing a webex training at home. It was required but it’s nearly a restatement of yesterday’s training. I did get one piece of info and stopped writing my 3FC response to jot more notes. I’m so happy for a day of rest from aerobic. My doggie walk this morning even seemed long my legs were so tired. But we made the 1.5 miles which is a good thing since I couldn’t just stop halfway around the loop. DH took the pool cover off and as soon as the stupid webex training is over, splish splash I will go. And later, I will take Kai and Sasha out scoot-joring again. We had a good training last night. The exception was when we started, I realized my handlebars had turned and weren’t on straight. It was weird feeling to have my arms in the position for turning (like a bike) and going straight. But Sasha is an easily distracted musher and she ran like the wind. It was fun! DH fixed the handlebars and added air to the back tire. I’d made him a list of fixes and he accomplished all today. He has his military physical fitness training tonight. He’s lost 20 pounds and has lowered his run times. He’s excited to do it. Me? I’d hate what he has to do. Did you know they still require conventional sit-ups. They been proven dangerous to the back. Dumb military. He told me he’d call me to let me know how it goes. And he has Guard weekend this weekend. My friend and I decided we’d go to a co-worker’s open house on Saturday. See Marie still trying to be sociable. At least I’m trying now that I hit the half century mark.

Update a few minutes later - I added the skijoring, scoot-joring and DH's sports car pics to an album in our Facebook group.

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