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I hope you have all had a good day and hopefully more productive than mine! We started off at our yoga stretch class this morning which is always a very nice way to start the day but I got kind of lazy after that. It's very nice...sun shining but not really hot...just the way I like it. Dh has been working in the yard all day but I've mostly been on this darn computer, going through email, doing our banking, completing surveys and what ever. You know how it can go when you get online ..pretty soon it's late afternoon and you're thinking ok, what have I accomplished Oh, I did manage to change our condo reservations for next month so now we are going 5 nights to one and two nights to the other. I also called my sis and invited them to go with us to the condo(s). But that's about it. No housework done other than the daily stuff.

We got an offer for the trailer! $2000 lower than we want though even though the guy kept saying what a wonder trailer it was! We ended up saying we'd lower it $1000 but we feel like it's a good deal the way it is. I took the book value (private party sale) and just rounded it up a bit so feel it's fair and don't want to come down much. But if we have to take on our son's house payment we will have to sell it too... Anyway it's our first offer so we will see. Then some friends stopped by and we were able to give them some of our zucchini and eggplants. He had the same thing happen with his eye as dh or at least it sounds like it and they were able to help him with a change of lens, they coudn't for dh but hoping since it has improved perhaps they can now. His eye continues to improve, thank God, so who knows maybe it will just heal itself!

Ok, you are giving me car fever with all this talk of these pretty cars!! Our car is a VERY basic 18 year old Ford Escort...not so good looking but it is paid for and it runs really well. We get as good or better gas mileage than many of the newer cars. I can hardly believe it but am very grateful! I only am concerned about it when I think of taking a long trip in it because it's so old, but my dh maintains it well. And yeah, I like Karen31's really really's made me want to consider a little higher price range when we do go shopping I'm afraid!

Rie and Jess - had to laugh about your wardrobe malfunctions! Or is that brain malfunctions?!! I agree, you are too young for senior moments, Rie! Now when it comes to my age...LOL I don't know what I'm doing half the's what did I come in here for now, what was I going to do all the time. They say though that this actually starts happening much earlier than we realize like late 20s or at least by 30s. We just don't admit it I guess until it gets so bad or we have an excuse (age).

Karen3 - Neither of us have eaten any more figs. Should have given them to our friends today too, but didn't think of it. Oh, now that I type that it doesn't sound too nice, but actually I think they would have loved them. By the time I look at them again, (they are buried under all the other produce) they will probably be rotten as they were pretty ripe. I'm almost scared to look, afraid I won't like what I see! Glad I didn't pay for them!

Carol - Planning meals helps me stay on track too at least with meals. doesn't seem to help with snacks. For some reason, my "diet" brain shuts down about 7 pm and I go against all my rules. This is why I seem like I never get anywhere. However if I look back at my stats, I am actually losing but EXTREEMLY (like almost not moving) slowly! I think recently I've been getting too much sodium too and that is keeping me stuck on the same number give or take a few tenths of a pound.

My dh is cooking tonight ...he's making Pinacbet (meat and veggie dish but we make it with tilapia), but I think I'm only going to eat the fish and am cooking my own veggies maybe. I'm kinda tired of the taste of the dish (contains fish sauce). It's pantry night so usually it is each on his own anyway..whatever we can find.

Well, I'd better salvage a little bit of this day and get a few things done around here. Take care GG and have a good rest of the day!

ETA: Forgot to say that I broke down and ordered some Medifast meals. Thought might be good to speed up my weightloss before we visit family and also for convenience while we are traveling. Don't know if I can stand them...some people say they are great and others not so much..

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