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Good afternoon all. I am on my second day of absolutely zero pain, shhhhhhh
It was wonderful and I slept like 9hrs straight, would have been more, but Dash wanted his breakfast. He's German you know and everything and everybody must be in place.....meant I had to be at the table. He did not lick me or make a sound just inhaled all the little hairs on my arm.....Now ladies that is a weird way to wake up!

OHHHHH newbies....Dash is our DOG!

Zoe....Loved the pictures and you looked marvelous just marvelous.

Karen....Boy for a wee girl you sure do like Bright/Red/Big cars.

Lynn....I think even when Washington crossed the Delaware River it was flooded. I swear Lamberville was flooded at least once a year grewing up and people were always shocked! Good show on your practice walk. Marathon will be a piece of cake. Survivor next week....will have Russell's nephew....yuck!

Rie...we've all done that and just know the whole world is laughing. Funniest was friend who lives to hunt 24/7/52. He sat in my kitchen and explained he was hunted out....he had gotten into the woods way before dawn before realizing he had his tidywhities on backwards. so glad GM is getting better. Appointments seem to sprout. Her next pleasure will be firing some of them. It is a quiet sweet joy. My GP had a long rant Tuesday....he said medicine has become so Specialized that practioners don't own up to their mistakes, but let others clean up the mess they left.....I'd said but Doc he prayed for me. My GP howled.....or maybe growled????

Freda....sorry the reunion got washed out.

Mary.....I have giggled all week about figs.

Marie...Scoot-joring? Dash boots and scoots. Hinny down and runs like he**.

Rosie.....Hot tea and honey. Threw dash of lemon for vitamins, curl up with hot puppies and watch tv or read something sinful.

Off to get my nails done and get some Draino.......another yuck. k3
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