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Originally Posted by Karen31 View Post

Carol (slmn11) Thanks for the compliment on the Cadillac. I found this one at least a month before my DH found the Mustang… In fact, we were on our way to BUY the Cadillac when he found the Mustang. Well, long story short, I got caught up in his excitement (mine too, we had a 1965 mustang convertible when we were married in 1970) and we ended up making a deal on it. I was never real happy with it, I just wasn’t real comfortable driving it, guess you could say the buckets didn’t fit my bucket! I went and bought a cushion to make it more comfortable and still just didn’t feel like it was a right fit! So I tried to like it and it was a beautiful car, but alas my heart belonged to the Cadillac! And yes, it is a CTS4, V6 with a sun/moon roof. So it is an AWD and will get about 26 mpg on the highway. We haven’t had it long enough to check the actual mileage yet, but it doesn’t really matter. The first one I had was also this color--The first one was called Crimson, now 2 years newer it is called Red Jewel…Hmmm--guess I didn’t make that long story very short did I??
That's the car I saw and want. Right now our main car is a Monte Carlo, which we love. I am a fearful driver, but this car is very comfortable to drive. I would like to have a CTS, but DH would like to have a new Camaro, so that's why I say I would have to win the lottery, because we can't afford both! LOL We are retired now so we went down to one car, except for the 86 Camaro hot rod DH has that he mostly just drives to car cruises etc.
I really like's beautiful!

I'm adding my middle name to avoid confusion with all the Carols!

I'm less than perfect, and that's OK!

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