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good Morning GG's

Just got back from vacation/family reunion. It was really nice but exhausting. There were only 89 there this year. It's always hit and miss as to who comes. We did have some cousins there that hadn't come before, so that was good. I graduated with one of them and hadn't seen him in almost 47 years. we all seem to just go our seperate ways. It was 110 degrees Saturday, day of the reunion. Next days it rained all day and was 80, day after that in the 60's and still raining. We did go to the lake for a bit, but too cold and wet to stay long. And the weather man was predicting rain everyday that week. Not much fun in a cabin when it's pouring rain. We did cabin hopping the first day and after that just decided to pack it in and come home. too bad I brought the cold weather back with me.

Darcy, I'm so glad your son did well the first day of school. We worry about them so much. Kids are curious, and usually if you handle it matter of factly, they will too.

Carol, welcome. Hope to see you often.

To all the rest of my "FAMILY" It's good to be home. I have so much to do to get the house back together. Piles of laundry and got to get some food in the house. TTYL.

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