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Oh Bobbi, I’m drooling on my keyboard for the grapes. I have seen the Mishka video. My huskies all howl with inflection to get their points across. None know how to bark (or haven’t tried), just howling/chatting.

Lynn, WTG you crazy woman. Count me in on the agog-a-meter.

Zoe, before we tore out of town, I had fresh blueberries. Couldn’t bring them on the trip as we were going through NE CA and through a vege/fruit stand where they confiscate all produce brought into the state. So DH put them in a ziplock freezer bag and tossed them into the freezer. Twice I poured some out into my cereal bowl, pushing them around to make them one layer thick, then zapping them in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then I think they sat for about 5 minutes while I made my mocha. Anyway, I couldn’t tell they weren’t fresh. My fiber cereal was so yummy with the bubbleberries. So maybe you should be a bunch fresh, and freeze them. I think I’m going to. BTW, if BP didn't give a dam about all the oil the dumped into the Gulf, I'm guessing they'd pass on your bloating from the weekend extravaganza.

KarenMO, I was laughing at your post that your pool was 75 degrees. I dove in mine this evening and told the huskies “brr” and it was 85 degrees. Solar panel heating system is beyond wonderful. And it wasn’t expensive as well as DH said it was easy to redirect the filter’s plumbing for it.

Donna, please tell me you aren’t still using a dial up modem???? Going with the concept it is a DSL modem or a cable modem, check to see if it has an antennae on the back. That would mean it has built in wireless (most do). So a new laptop would work with that. Of course you’d want to set up the wireless to secure it but you wouldn’t have to hook it into a modem. And yes, you can have a PC and a Mac on the same home network. Heck, I installed Windows on DH’s Mac using VMFusion. That way my non-Mac software works perfectly. It’s also the only way I can work at home since my co-worker, network admin KILLED the Mac access on our network. Since I’m one of the few that uses a Mac at work, it’s not high on his priority list. But alas, I digress. Email me if you want to chat about specifics.

Rosey, wow on the lowlife renters doing that. I think I’d sue them in small claims court. Jerks. And these were your friends. Clearly your friend list has shrunk a bit. Again, wow. I cannot imagine doing that. I always left places we rented in pristine shape. Of course, I always wanted my security deposit back.

Mary, isn’t it surprising when the bed just calls to your for nap time??? I’ve had that happen on weekends lately. I’ll be so tired from the workweek that I nap both days. Normally I don’t do that but just occasionally for a little pampering time.

CarolC, I’m on the same wave length as you – stay disciplined and I stay on track. I’m not good with a treat day now and again. I can do a treat as long as I log it. But a whole day send me down the drain.

Slmn11, I have my lottery ticket ready for the big win. Do you have yours so you can get that Caddy like KarenMO?

I had an interesting day. Work was OVERWHELMING this morning. I am drowning with big waves crashing over me. But I had to do a required training from 1 to 5 this afternoon. It was a webex and I chose to come home and do it so no one would bother me. The reminder email today had stated “required to stay engaged” with the training. So I listened and participated at home. BTW, the huskies are trained to give state assessments in my district. They were enraptured with the modules… Anyway, while I was fixated on the computer and my eyes getting heavy, I looked at my toes and saw they still weren’t polished (that had been on the agenda the day FIL died). So I gathered all the pedicure things and gave myself a pedicure. I chose bright fuchsia with pastel pink polka dots. I thought of all of you since we’d discussed pedicures in June. Got my monthly allergy shots this morning and my arm now feel like it had been a punching bag. DH has almost no reaction and my arm nearly matches my toenails. Then I went swimming. I admit I did a back dive into the water while swimming alone. I did have four huskies on life guard duty… Then Kai, Sasha and I went scoot-joring. DH took pics last spring when we started and I’ll post them this weekend (no time to look for them – FB friends can see them in one of my albums as well as the skijoring pictures from last February). This morning was elliptical day and it was day 5 of aerobics/leg workouts. I definitely know why I do M, T, W then break Th, and do F and Sat, then break on Sun. My legs felt like dead logs for a couple hours this morning. I’d exercised on Sunday to make up for missing some last week while driving across the country. Anyway, its nearing my bedtime. Take care everyone!
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