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Default Big Mac in a Bowl (Variation on a Theme)

Here's a slight variation from Jordanna's wonderful original recipe.

I use chopped red onions, pour the dressing on the lettuce, and cut up hamburger patties. I really liked the texture of chunks of meat and felt like I tasted the dressing more vividly (my fave part of the real thing.)

BIG MAC IN A BOWL: This recipe tastes like its name... its a Big Mac in a Bowl. However, the recipe below takes plays fast and loose with the Ideal Protein guidelines, so I dont recommend it for those just starting the diet. (However, it sure feels like a wicked cheat if you have been on the program for more than a month.)

5 oz Extra Lean Ground Beef
1/4 c finely chopped red onion
3/4 c finely shredded iceberg lettuce
1 - 2 tbsp low carb/no carb Thousand Island Dressing
(OPTIONAL - 1 oz Low Fat Cheddar. Note, cheese is not on approved Ideal protein foods. Also tastes good without it.)


Cook up extra lean ground beef and hamburger patties, adding seasonings of choice (Try garlic powder, onion powder, Mrs. Dash, salt & pepper). If using the cheese, melt cheese on top of patties and take off heat.

Spread lettuce on plate.

Sprinkle in chopped onions (and dill pickles if using)

Drizzle on Thousand Island dressing (1-2 Tablespoons max... if you are careful, you can use even less and still get the flavor thoughout the whole plate.)

Cut hamburger patties into bit sized pieces and drop onto plate.

If you cannot find low carb Thousand Island dressing, you can use American Mustard instead. It won't taste like a Big Mac, but its really good.
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