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Originally Posted by Beila View Post
I'm almost caught up to you! Keep going JayZeeJay so that I can always try to catch up to you all the way to 120s!!
Thank you for the pep talk! I need it right now. I am melting down with stress. I'm moving (2 hrs away) this weekend, dealing with some difficulties that are popping up with my new job (before I even start it - not a good sign), and my grandpa just had another heart attack. I may have to drop everything and fly back, but there's no one to take over the move if I do.

This is the kind of situation that used to send me to the cookie jar. I am trying to tell myself that eating cookies won't make Grandpa better, my job easier, or the move smoother, and they sure as heck won't make me happier in the long run. I had 2 last night but otherwise I'm on course. No exercise for almost a week though. No time for it, and all the box lifting has to count for something.

And I'm afraid my goal is less ambitious than yours Beila! 135 is my happy healthy weight to aim for. Not to discourage you: I'm broad shouldered and very muscular naturally (my dad was a squats champion and I inherited his build - so feminine!). So what doesn't work for me may very well work for you. We'll hit the 130's thread soon and then I will cheer for you the rest of your way. Heck you may hit 125 before I hit 135 - experience had taught me that the last 5 go SLOWWWW for me.
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