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PERSONAL INFORMATION: Hi, my name is Mary Fitch. 'Fitchy' is a family nickname, and my avatar is a tribute to my special guy, Boris, our black tomcat. He was a stray who refused to go away, and now he's in charge of most everything around here. He makes my life so much happier and less stressful. Who knew?

I am a 51 year old wife/mom/stepmom/grandma. I have raised a total of 7 boys and 1 girl, all of whom are grown and gone, with the exception of the 17 year old who will be out the door shortly if he doesn't shape up! (Just a little joke..) I am happily married to a kind and gentle man who came into my life with his 4 young boys in 2001, five years after my brutal divorce and just months after the last of my first 4 kids had left home. I like to believe that God sent him to rescue me from my loneliness; he and the boys have been such blessings in my life. I have grandies in New York, Oklahoma, and (thankfully) just down the road from me. I could not possibly be more proud of my kids and their families.

I am an avid gardener. We live in a small town, with large lots, no fences, and enormous evergreen trees, and the garden is my little piece of pure heaven. My biggest challenge is the herd of deer that view my garden as their personal buffet, so it has been a real learning experience to find beautiful things that they won't eat.

I also love to read, and one of my favorite things ever is my Kindle. I wasnít sure I could live with not having the feel of the pages under my fingers, but it is just awesome. I take it with me wherever I go, and I download (too many ) books when they are on super sale, so I always have lots of choices.

I work as an analyst at a nearby municipality. My job is to assist three department heads with whatever is Ďon fireí at the moment, as well as management of the Cityís two development funds. Although the job is quite stressful, I consider myself very lucky to work with some of the nicest people I've ever known. And, for whatever itís worth, thereís never a dull moment!

DIET/EXERCISE REGIMEN: I have battled my weight my entire life. I know that Ďbig bonedí sounds lame, but I really am, so at 5í11Ē tall and on the <ahem> large side, I have pretty much always been ashamed of my body. When I look back at photos of myself during my teen years, though, I am always shocked and canít believe I thought I was fat! I look good at 200 lbs, and thin at about 175 lbs. Iíve tried various diets off and on over the years, but I always manage to put the weight back on, plus some. I guess Iím probably not the only member of that club...

I was a very good athlete as a young woman; however, in 1984, I suffered a severe knee injury (detachment of the ACL and torn MCL/LCL) and underwent major reconstructive surgery that pretty much ended my hopes for a career in anything exciting. Back then, the practice was to cast the leg for 16 weeks, and by the time the cast was removed, the muscles had atrophied and the joint had lost significant range of motion. I never recovered full use of the knee, and over the years I have developed severe arthritis as a result. I am currently waiting for a lull at work (yeah, right) so I can take 6 weeks off to have the knee replaced. Canít wait!

Two years ago, I underwent an emergency lumbar laminectomy and fusion (L3-L5) to remove a mass on my spine and repair the degeneration that had apparently caused it. I was bedridden and off work for several months, and during that time I had very limited mobility and gained weight until I reached my heaviest at 256 lbs. Although I donít consider myself horribly obese (Iím quite tall and wear a misses size 18) I was so uncomfortable and out of shape, I knew I had to take some action.

So here I am, again, working on a food plan and trying my best to strengthen my muscles in anticipation of the knee surgery. I have had success on low carb plans in the past, but I would always eventually break down and go back to my old, unhealthy eating habits. This time, Iím doing the Belly Fat Cure, and it has been a miracle for me. Giving up the sugar has reduced my cravings, and I am allowed enough daily carbs that I donít feel deprived. I set my weight loss ticker at 250, although Iím fairly certain Iíve lost more than 6 pound in the 6 weeks Iíve been following the plan. I donít want to weigh yet, because Iím hoping I can view the weight loss as just a good side effect of getting healthy.

My blood sugar is completely under control now (I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes about a year ago) and I feel fantastic. My plan is to weigh when I drop a clothes size, which shouldnít take much longer at this rate.

As for exercise, I am pretty much limited to limping around and gardening, although I have been going to physical therapy for the past 4 weeks in preparation for the TKR and have gained some strength and range of motion. Iím hoping I will gain enough flex to be able to work out on the elliptical trainer Santa brought me last Christmas. At this point, I feel successful just having managed to get it out of the box and assembled. What a workout that was!

SPECIAL HOPES/ASPIRATIONS/ACHIEVEMENTS/CHALLENGES: I feel positive and hopeful about my chances at success this time around. Iíve found that at this age, my body responds very quickly to bad habits, and I think I finally Ďhit bottomí after the back surgery and the extra weight gain. I want to be around a long timeÖ I have grandies to raise and retirement just over the horizon!
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