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Default 100 pounds gone!

If my posts seem a little smug today please forgive me! It's because I've reached the closest thing I ever had to a goal - as of today I've lost 100 pounds. I'm feeling pretty good about it!

If you're wondering, it's taken me two years to reach this milestone. Yep - two years. That averages out to about a pound a week. I learned a lot about patience and long-term thinking. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I tend to be the sort of person who gives advice, rather than seeking support. I haven't poured my heart out much here during the times of doubt and frustration, but rest assured I have had them. I have had temper tantrums and complained that it wasn't fair. I have wanted to throw the scale out the window. I have overeaten and binged. But with patience and consistency - getting right back on the horse after those times of weak resolve - I've managed to make this happen.

You can too.

I still have a bit left to go - I'm really don't know how much, but I'll say 25 pounds or so. It might take me another 6 months or another year to get there, wherever "there" is. Still, I feel like a new person - I can say I have felt that way since I hit 85 pounds gone or so, and it's a really great feeling.

Like anyone else who's done this, I can go on for hours about what worked for me, how I did it, what kinds of mental games I played with myself, etc. But that's pretty much what the rest of my posts here are about. So I'll shut up now, and just say this: thanks to every member of this community for support, ideas, advice, data, and everything else you offer. This community has helped keep me focused and interested in this massive two-year renovation project.

Thank you!
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