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Talking Raspberry & Lemon Cream with Basil


This chic two-toned treat gives you 3 refreshing desserts per day that only count as 1 Ideal Protein snack! Giving you a painless & delicious solution if you battle with "mental hunger" so you can give in to the munchies without breaking your diet.

Since this recipe uses two Ideal Protein products (Raspberry Jelly and Lemon Pudding) to make 6 desserts, you can enjoy 3 desserts per day for two days. These are so beautiful and yummy that they are sure to fill you with giddy delight every time you open the 'fridge to take yet another one without guilt.

1. Make Raspberry Jelly with more water than instructed. (I use 200g using measuring cups)

2. Pour evenly into 6 "pots de creme" cups. (Glass is best so you can see the beautiful layers.)

3. Put in refrigerator to set.

4. When set (approx 2 hours), make the Lemon Pudding using more water than instructed (I used a little over 200g)

5. Pour evenly over the set raspberry jelly.

6. Garnish with a leaf of Basil.

(You can also chop fresh or frozen (NOT DRY!) basil into small pieces and add to the Lemon Pudding while mixing. I love the fresh, unexpected zing the basil brings, but some might prefer their lemon cream served without frills. )
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