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Default Do you count on Amazon customer reviews to help you choose diet products?

Can Amazon product reviews help you find a diet pill that works? Sadly, many are paid reviews that are not true.

When I buy anything on Amazon, I count on the customer reviews to help steer me in the right direction. For the most part, the reviewers are honest and unbiased. I enjoy reviewing everything from food to books to electronics.

I've often wondered about the reviews I've read of certain diet products because I knew that research had proven them ineffective. Why would anyone provide a positive review of something that other customers swear was useless or made them ill, and there is no research to back up the claims? Could it be the placebo effect?

As it turns out, there are companies out there that pay for reviews on Amazon. You can make about $2 for every review you post, and you do not need to even purchase the product. Many of these reviews come from other countries, with fake Amazon accounts. The reviewers are hired by a firm that is hired by the manufacturers to promote their products.

Amazon is not responsible for this. There are special websites that hire freelance writers, and some of them post jobs for Amazon reviewers. Amazon has no way of knowing which reviews are paid so they can't do anything about it. Some reviews are marked "verified Amazon purchase", but that also doesn't help because the reviewers are given promo codes to get the product free.

If you consider diet products and feel swayed by published reviews, please be suspicious before you make the purchase. Find the list of ingredients and go to websites such as WebMD and search for info on those ingredients.
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