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Am I The Only One With The...

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Default Am I The Only One With The...

Crazy jealous spouse?

Seriously. The man has never been the jealous type. When we were dating, when we were first married...nothing. Then, I lost 30lbs and BAM! He's possessive, insecure, jealous...he's even asked me if I've cheated on him. The answer is a resounding NO.
I recently read an article about the things nobody tells you about losing weight. It included sagging skin, and jealousy of both spouses or significant others and friends. It's freaking me out. The interesting part is, he's losing weight and getting into shape right along with me. He's down 50lbs so far, and he's ALWAYS been hot.

Men. Hmmm.

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I wish.
Well, no I don't, really.

I'm guessing it's just his own mid-life crisis, maybe? Lots of stupid magazine include losing weight/getting into shape on their lists of how to tell if your spouse is cheating on you. Either it's rubbish (there are plenty of other reasons why some one would do it!) oooooor, you could ask him the same question.

Sorry you're having to deal with this. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I can lose or gain any amount of weight and my husband does not notice or care.

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Mine was from the beginning. It just got worse when I lost weight. Turns out mine was a paranoid schizophrenic. He became so fixated on the idea that I was cheating on him that he had a psychotic break. I had to have him hospitalized. We're divorced now, and that's for the best for everyone involved.

I don't for a minute think that every jealous husband is mentally ill or dangerous, but I know possessiveness and jealousy are not good for a marriage regardless of the reasons. I hope you guys can work this out. Really though, its up to him to try to feel good enough about himself. You can tell him you love him, but if you start changing yourself to make him feel more secure, it'll only encourage the jealous behavior.Maybe given a little time, and since he's working to improve himself by losing weight too, he may get to a better place in his head and get past this.

Good luck!
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It also happens (jealously and meaness) with family and friends - one of the bad side effects of getting healthy and no longer bring obese - others are jealous - especially if you don't regain the weight.
Hang in there!
Stay strong.
Don't let the jealous people derail your hard work - push on some more!
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