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W-A-T-E-R R-E-T-E-N-T-I-O-N Blues....

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Wink W-A-T-E-R R-E-T-E-N-T-I-O-N Blues....


I have been drinking ice water daily since the beginning of summer. I drinkabout 3 tall glasses every hour. My drinking of this cold substance begins daily from after breakfast(9 AM ish) to about, before the gym(6PM ish). Then when I return home after the gym,(7:30 PM ish), and after a long soak in my salt/bubble bath for achy neck and back muscles. Then I proceed to drink diluted milk for the rest of the evening, until I go to bed.

Now, I don't know if this is "Normal" or Not, but I think my tummy feels like a water bed, always chuck full of water. So I am wondering if I should Not drink so much water from the beginning until the end of my day.

I drink ice water to stay cool, and prevent any, "Hot Flash" horror stories that I had learned about in my Woman's Studies courses, and in my Health 101 courses during college.

Our fem teachers were so adamant that we were all going to burn up with the "Heat" when we reached "That Age." The age of "Enlightenment and of The Change." I made sure I took precautions, and had my Ob-Gyn examine me and prescribe the best female hormone to keep me from overheating during this so called "Menapause." But we do have those men that walk up to us on the street round here and always bring up that ?, and it's Not, "Will you marry me!" No the famous question or catch phrase round here is, " Hey, yal got any spare change?" I'm like,"No, sorry, I don't even have any spare milk right Now!"

I am pre-menopausal currently, and avoiding the outside weather which is very hot. But, thank goodness I feel as hot as I always have. I was never 1 to go around in too many turtle neck sweaters. I could wear sometimes a cowel neck sweater. but turtle neck sweaters were a bit too efficient for me. they keep all the heat in at my neck area, and then I feel totally miserable.

I never even wore turtle neck sweaters when I was a kid and went ice skating at a Nice Rink we had round here when we had other Nice recreational facilities round here, when i was a kid. A lot has changed....

These fun places for recreation, either uprooted and took off like a,"Bat outta ****." or a failed root canal/ extraction. They even burned 1 facility down to prevent squatters from, "tripping and falling" and probly having an attorney ready on auto dial too. So, they ALL left. No one is left here, it's like ,"The Barren Dessert."

Now, and especially during the hot Summer; they are either sweating at baseball practice, sweating over Pre-SAT workshops, or sweating over meth overdoses under a bridge some where nearby, but------0---- Not that close.......................!!!!!

I always tried to take Pro Active measures to prevent myself from going coocoo for cocoa puffs, so I did not over heat. If there were ever a nuclear war, the first place you would find me would be hiding in the ice freezer at my local Wal-Mart, or anywhere in my vicinity during a melt down.....hopefully this will never happen in my life time. And the heat will just stay in its own sun zone, and we 40-Somethingerz will all be Happy.......

P.S., cavities are for people who don't brush their teeth. I'm a brusher, and a controller, and if I HAD kids, they would have hated my dental vigilance. I also watch very carefully What I eat and what I snack on. I swear to heaven, I must have a techno dental stocker who thinks he/she is the friggen tooth fairy. There have been times where I went to bed, and awaken the next morning to find a sliver of interproximal enamel missing? Well, what am I supposed to do, call the police, there was a sleep stalker round here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Next immediate Goal***ASAP).

And today, I went to do my You Tube pics, and my lip gloss had been switched from a full tube to an empty tube, that I didn't notice until I went and used my gloss on my lips this afternoon. Go Figure!!!!!!!!!!!!Can't call the police Non Emergency # about that either?????I don't use an entire tube even w/in a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In spite of ALL the ice water i have been satiating my hunger with, I lost 3 Lbs(like yesterday).
(No period YET though???)..." Ya gain some, ya lose some!" ******wish this secret program would activate my period, as I am NEVER Late!!!!!

HURRY UP 180LBS( i Hate Feeling sooo HUGE for 0 Reasonz!!!!!)
It's like I just feel myself getting fat, just for sitting still!!!
( Like, if i don't MOVE i'm gonna get stung by a Huge Hornet, or a Ferrocious Ferrot!!!)

Feeling In Total Control and Feeling Powerless are 2 very POWERFUL SENSATIONZ!!! ANXIETY is UP, Terrified of Re-Gaining now that I finally shed a few Lbs.
Am counting on Period to arrive, and Just Be over and done with So I will survive this PMS Bloating and temp WEIGHT GAIN, and then DROP 10 Lbs AsAp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. , My dream job would be writing these fun, fluff, features articles for a Trendy Professional Mag like, The New Yorker.

* Go Figure, I have AGORAPHOBIA, so I don't go to places like NY!!!


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