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Please allow me to be - irrational

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Default Please allow me to be - irrational

Ok, I know that this vent logically has no merit because I'm a grown woman and in charge of what foods I choose to eat but -

I have been surrounded by mountains of unhealthy foods for the past month, and it's been completely sabotaging my dieting efforts! Between non stop holidays, birthdays, and a long weekend convention - I can barely fit into my clothing. I simply can't resist the temptations, and unless I am on my usual schedule with planned foods in my own home, I am a lost cause. I saw some photos taken of myself today, and I look - fat! My husband kept commenting on how tight my dress was - a dress that was loose on me last year! I feel absolutely horrible about myself right now, and I need to turn things around. I simply can't go back to the fat, unhappy woman I used to be. I won't! Fattening food just isn't worth it!

Does anyone else sometimes feel angry about being put in "harm's way?" around the holidays, or summer party seasons, or vacations with bountiful buffets? Am I the only one who gets mad at myself and the situations that encourage me to overeat and make bad choices?

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The month of May was like that for me - anniversary, Mother's Day, my birthday and vacation - all in May!!! I only lost 2 lbs in May! I totally feel ya!

My blog: http://shannonssliceoflife.blogspot.com/
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I'm right there with you. I moved 2000 miles a few week ago and between saying goodbye to old friends and catching back up with my friends here (I used to live here), I've been eating out and having way too many drinks. My clothes are getting tight and I'm noticing a change in my body. I'm up less than 10 lbs, but I'm not letting myself slide any further. Signed up for a 4 week boot camp and begin tomorrow. No more excuses for me. Good luck to you!
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I gets pissed frequently that I can't seem to eat whenever and whatever I want. Now even I set badly I get horribly sick, that REALLY pisses me off.

145= normal BMI
137= 100 lbs lost
125= current goal
115 = typical unrealistic goal lol

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Thanks for understanding! It's sad that I feel annoyed whenever a social event happens - it's just I know that it means an expanded waist line for me! I'd love to get to the point where I can control my food regardless of the temptations in front of me.

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Tax Season (as I work for a public firm and prepare them). Starting early late January, we fly to head quarters, take CPE courses, review updates in systems, train interns and any new staff, etc. During this, FOOD galore. Wines, beers, fried food, dinners, desserts, donuts... ugh. Then we come back and start working M-S 8am - you fall of exhaustion. The company will buy dinner of course, they also load the office with snacks and treats to eat while you work, and Saturdays they supply lunches. As a reward, we get cookies, movie tickets that come with chocolates and popcorn, and then gift cards to Starbucks. So, not only are we eating Chinese food a lot, we have tons of junk food (usually one trip to a costco to load up, so fruit didn't happen, I asked for fruit cups this year and I got the sugar jello ones that are NOT good for you and taste nasty). Add all the temptations in the office the free meals from ordering and the "rewards" and ZERO time to work out? Yeah, From February 15th - April 15th, I gained 15lbs. 15!

I started working out about a week ago now, and this week my mother came into town, I got engaged, went out multiple times and I was given so many temptations. I said no, at the restaurants, I ordered from the healthy menus. I got veggies instead of fries, before I got the meal I asked for a to-go box and cut the meal in half immediately so as not to be tempted. I let everyone know I wanted to lose weight and they were supportive and offered help. I made sure to start the C25K, and I lost 2lbs so far! It was Sooooo hard saying no to my FAVORITE pie at my FAVORITE restaurant, but I totally did it. I said no because I want to look thin on my wedding day. I don't want to hide from cameras on the most important day. I want to be the star! That goal is more important than one pie. Tell yourself why you are doing it, and say "NO!" then, once you say No, you'll feel empowered actually. Yesterday's breakfast, it was easy to say no to everything and just get some fruit while everyone else had pancakes. Tax season will be rough, but I plan on special requesting certain popcorn (no butter 100cal bags), and bringing my own fruit and meals. If we order I will ask for something healthy, or something with a healthy menu, if the place doesn't have it, then I can chose to eat my own food. I can do that, working out may be harder... but I think I can manage.
I've decided to leave 3FC, In the crowd of so many, those of us with no success that have the audacity to feel bad about our incredibly slow and almost stagnate weight loss, are merely a nuisance to those that are successful. I hope everyone else finds the support they need.
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It's taken me years - literally years - to convince my husband not to offer me cakes/chocolate when I am dieting. He will sit there in the evenings and eat them in front of me, and offer to share them. He thinks it's rude not to offer. Except, I can never say no. So then I feel it is his fault for offering them to me. If he didn't offer, I wouldn't be tempted.

But, I think I have finally done it. The other week I had bought a packet of six small cake bars. Deliberately six, so he, and my two girls could have two each and I would not have any. I was happy with this. But he tends not to have his dessert immediately after dinner as the girls do, he will save them till later.

So we are watching a film, the girls have gone to bed and he gets his two cake bars and starts eating them. I sit next to him, thinking any moment he is going to offer me a bite and I am going to have to say no. Or, more likely, I will say yes and then sit and be annoyed with him for tempting me.

He doesn't! That's right. He sits and eats his cake bars and does not offer me a single bite.

So he has finally learned. It's a miracle.

And how did I react? I found myself mildly annoyed that he didn't offer me a nibble.

We really are never satisfied, are we?
Overall goal...............................Baby steps goal...............................Exercise goal

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They have the same bones and muscles as you, the same sinews and organs...
you can do anything you want to, be anything you want to.
The only thing stopping you is you!

~ Money Can't Buy Me Love, by Julie Reilly
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Yes, I feel the same way.

I vacillate between extreme anger and resentfulness about the super-charged, hyper-available junk food environment we live in.... and the urge to slap myself and scream SNAP OUT OF IT because the environment isn't going to change -- I've got to figure out HOW to live in it (preferably happily live in it).

It's a b*tch.

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June is the month of hate for me;-)) soooo many BBQ parties!! many birthdays of my friends, my birthday!!! it is impossible not to eat or drink on the party!! and it is impossible not to go to the birthday party of your friend only because you are on a diet!! it is some kind of cursed circle(((
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Hi Guac..I totally feel you on this. Its so hard to stay on track with diversion, parties...etc. I plan on going to dinner with friends and I tell myself that I am going to order a salad and no dessert, and it never winds up that way. its hard to have control with parties and summer events coming up. On one hand its nice to have a social life and be invited to things.....on the other hand it really isn't helping an already frustrating and difficult journey.
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I keep feeling entitled to "treats" and extra calories after the gym - which just negates the calories I burn off! Sigh. I need to get serious, because I'm not liking how I feel or look.

Let's hang in there ladies!


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