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Ladies over 40 years old, personal question

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Default Ladies over 40 years old, personal question

Good afternoon ladies. I have a bit of a personal question to ask you. I have lost over 20 lbs and really have been working out. I have lost inches everywhere but my upper arms. I feel the muscle under there but still have those wonderful bat arms. I heard that for some reason it takes a long time to see a change in measurement in the upper arms, is this true?

I can have lost inches on my lower arms and calves but now my skin looks like tissue paper that is all crumbled up. Don't get me wrong I am happy that there is a change but will my skin tighten up?

Now on to my abdomen. Again I can feel my abdomen muscles in there but the skin is really just hanging there. Does it ever tighten up?

Thanks any advise I greatly appreciate it.
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Hi, it is more difficult for the skin to regain its original shape due to loss of collagen.

drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated

keep doing toning exercises including weights

good fats in your diet such as olive oil and avicado (in moderation of course) is important for your skin

avoid the sun if you can

hot baths and showers are also to be avoided

dont fall in the miracle cream trap, they do not work although a good sugar scrub and applying your normal hydrating cream will improve the look of the skin.

and hope for the best, I am 57 older than you and I fear it is a lost battle for me, learning to dress a certain way to make it less noticeable. I wish it was not the case but the weight loss even with this aspect of my skin is a welcomed improvement.
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Thank you Michou for your advice.
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The older we are the less likely it is to shrink up, unfortunately. And, some people have trouble areas. I have big arms too. EVERYONE in my family does - even the thin ones have bigger arms than you would expect, so yes, I have some serious bat wings and always will. For you, it might the same, but who knows, next month you could lose more in your arms than other places. Fat doesn't leave at the same place everywhere.

Now, they will get smaller, of that there is no doubt, but it might not be as you hope.
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I remember years ago someone told me you lose fat evenly. Oh really? I disagree. Got my measurements done and have lost 1/2 inch on my arms, yippee. You are probably right I don't think I will ever have those nicely toned arms. Even if I lose all the fat then I am going to flipper arms (close relative to bat arms) with the skin just hanging there. lol
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I am definitely hanging onto more arm fat and belly fat. -- I actually had a "sad" moment at the gym yesterday... I have been lifting since March 2013 and I can feel all my muscles underneath, but they just don't show. -- I am hoping when (if) I lose this layer of fat that a fab babe will be revealed

I don't ever remember having this much trouble with my arms before. Belly; yes; I have always gained there first...but arms and the cellulity mess that hangs, ugh.

The skin in my arms seem to be shrinking though; I don't think I will have extra skin left there when (if) I lose this extra flab.

Belly...well that is another story. All this weight gain; 2 babies (one was 10 pounds)... I think it is beyond hope...well if I were to go and get a TT, which I am seriously considering.

Has anyone here tried Zerona treatments? I would love to know if that could attack the pesky arm fat.

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I never heard of Zerona so I googled it. Cold laser?? Very confused on that one.

I had a few friends that got TT and loved it. I am never going to wear a bikini so not sure if it is for me but I sure would like to wear short sleeve shirts. Just like you Sum38 I feel the muscles just doesn't show.
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sum, I am there with ya. I feel like I work sooo hard. I have super strong abs and yet the flab is just hiding them. And my arms...I know there are some solid muscles under those wings. I told my trainer if I can't shrink that annoying skin I am just going to build up muscle until I fill it all in!! I don't care if I get big muscular arms, better than flap!! Uhhh! Frustrating! And definately in 10-15 more pounds I am doing the TT.
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i hate to say this but at our age there are just some areas that are going to have loose skin....that doesn't tighten up completely. It will to a certain degree. I have a friend who is contemplating surgery on her arm because her bat wings are so bad since she lost weight.

I am a fitness instructor and with all that I do I can't firm up that area completely.

As far as the belly goes its the same thing. I have that crumbled up look on my abs, and I didm' thane it after having had kids so I know that has nothing to do with it...its just age ...
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Losing weight has resulted in batwings in my case. I didn't take measurements, but my upper arms are dramatically smaller overall. Old sleeves that used to be really tight are several sizes too large. I have some crepey-ness under my arms in the couple inches closest to my armpit. I have not reached my goal weight, but I'm pretty sure that's here to stay imo. As far as the batwings themselves, well, I still have a fair amount of weight to lose, so my batwings are not only skin (they have fat in them,) so perhaps they will recede a bit further, but I'm not counting on it. They look the same batwing shape as when I first deflated, just smaller all over. I have not started working out yet. I hope it will help the look of my arms.

I did notice a little bit of that crepey skin going on on my forearms in certain light at one stage, but it went away for the most part. That was encouraging! I was also worried about the loose skin that appeared on my neck not too long ago, but that also visibly tightened up - I was super excited about that. It seems to take for-e-ver for skin to tighten up at this age, if at all, so annoying -.- I am 48.

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