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lulubelle 05-21-2014 07:45 AM

46 years old and going to have Gastric bypass
Hi all
I have never joined a forum, but this seems like just what I need!
In 10 days time I will be having my assessment for a Gastric Bypass - and I am terrified! I am funding it myself so won't have loads of assessments etc. Just one assessment and then I can choose the day for my surgery, probably within 2 weeks:o
I have dreamt of this opportunity for years and finally I have a chance to improve my life. My main motivation is my poor health. I have type 2 diabetes, (early diabetic eye problems, numb feet) I have sleep apnea which was untreated for 15 years but I now use a CPAP. I have terrible joint pain and stiffness, sweat profusely and have no energy at all. My current BMI is 41, so I think that makes me morbidly obese :^:
So........there are so many reasons for me to go ahead and have the surgery...but I am scared! I have just given up smoking - so I will be facing life without 2 crutches which have got me through the past 25 years, smoking and eating. I know they are both the reason I am in such a mess and so I should rejoice at the idea of being able to rid myself of them.....
So why am I so fearful?
I have not told anyone at work and have booked a week off - my boss is very judgemental about these issues and I can't deal with her disapproval, and should not have to, so I am still pondering what to tell my colleagues!

Any advise or encouragement will be welcome.........

Michou 05-21-2014 08:00 AM

Hi, first wishing you the best on your new journey. The best would be to discuss your fears with your doctor, prepare a list and make sure you get answers for each one of them it might put your mind at ease.

As far as discussing your procedure with your coworkers you dont have to. Many people that want to lose weight need some type ofhelp to achieve their goal, a trainer, a doctor, a nutritionist and your surgery is one of those tool. You certainly have no reason to feel ashame for improving your health on the contrary you are brave to do so.

When the pounds will start falling off and your coworkers start noticing and commenting just smile and say thanks and if they ask how you are doing it, just say that you decided to change your eating habits and that you are very serious about loosing weight.

lulubelle 05-21-2014 09:58 AM

thanks Michou
Thankyou for your support and advice - it is much appreciated! I haven't told anyone at all about my intentions, only my partner, Pete! As I only have one consultation with the doctor before surgery I will take your advice and write down any questions I may have.....
It feels a bit like a quick turn-around business transaction to be honest - probably because I am doing it privately it is just that - business!

ICUwishing 05-21-2014 11:39 AM

FYI, check out the weight loss surgery forum/threads too. Packed full of terrific folks who have a lot of experience and LOVE newcomers! Best wishes for a successful surgery! It's great that you can make your decisions without the intrusion of the insurance companies!

PinkPowerRanger71 05-22-2014 09:54 AM

Hope it goes well.My BMI is 56 but apparently I don't qualify as I don't have any severe medical problems-I have high blood pressure but it's controlled with tablets so it doesn't count.

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