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Sum38 01-30-2014 01:10 PM

40-Somethings Valentine Day Challenge and Daily Accountability Thread ~ Part 2
Since we hit 500 post limit....

Sum38 01-30-2014 01:16 PM

I had the strangest weight gain ever....

I posted my dilemma at the chat thread, but here is synopsis.

Yesterday I had NO time to eat during the day. I drank some water and tea but not in huge quantities. I had 800 calorie dinner and 200 calorie snack. I ate around 6 pm, had some water and snacked around 8 pm.

I was up 5 freaking pounds this morning. How is that possible??? I did not eat/drink 5 pounds worth stuff, and I did used the loo too :D

Anyone else have ever experienced mystery weight gain?

guacamole 01-30-2014 06:05 PM

Sum - I wouldn't worry about it. Chalk it up to hormones or sodium or maybe even the weight gain that sometimes comes with strength training or exercise. It will woosh off soon enough!

I went to the gym today - rowing, elliptical, and a few strength training machines. It felt good to just move! My eating hasn't been the best, but I have stayed within calories so far - about 1350 so far. I need to slow down on the carbs/sugars.

Still feeling bloated and scared to weigh in, but at least I feel like I did something positive today by exercising and logging calories. :carrot:

Good luck today!

magical 01-30-2014 07:07 PM

I wouldn't worry about it, you two.

I weighed myself last week (after giving in to not weigh before 31st) and hated the number as I was up a few pounds even after being on plan since my trip, lol. Got upset and threw away my scales. Next day was TOM, which was unexpected! I'm always, always up before TOM. Scales lost for nothing - rude scales.

Hope both your scales are behaving better than mine.

Chubby mum 01-30-2014 07:07 PM

I'm down 2 pounds-yay! I'm averaging at a pound a week which is boring but sensible. At this rate it'll take a total of 9 months to get it all off which is fair cos it took me that time to put it on. I don't think I'll make a total loss of 4 kg over this challenge but I'll make 3 something.

Sum, I replied in the other thread but after the last baby I would whoosh then instantly regain at least a kilo. It all worked out in the end though.

Rest day for me, I'm tired, my legs are tired and the baby is tired. Our toddler is exhausted having been awake since 4 30 so I'll pop her down soon. I'm planning some nice, hard runs before breakfast over the next few days so I'm going to enjoy the day off.

Hope everyone else has a great day.

love2b150 01-30-2014 07:18 PM

Thanks Cattails re: driving :) Don't get too loose with you eats ;) I know that you won't :hug: but MFP will definitely put things into perspective if you did :)

Cattails and Zumba I and secretly wanting my 23 year and 10 month year old body back. I weighed 128. I say secretly because when I look at the old pictures I was so skinny it seemed but I looked kinda good ;)

Carma good to see you :hug: and :congrat: on day 3 of being OP :high: and on posting in two threads just copy and paste, I do it from time to time ;)

Zumba great NSV last night :cheer: NO TO NITE TIME SNACKING :yay: Good job on the 144 :high: Thanks for the tip if feeling bad. Today my carbs are 25 and my sodium is 1199 and I'm feeling pretty good :) ... oh and though you weren't talking to me, I love Zumba ... I am just not that coordinated and I can give you a good laugh if you're looking at me :lol: My daughter use to crack up when we'd go together and shake her head :) Yay on the new ticker :)

shr1nk1ngme good job on the weigh in and boy do I love your bs numbers :) I'll get there one day :)

Sum I have but I have always known it was sodium. My wedding ring would be super tight so that tells me a bunch. And thanks to the ring I know it will be gone soon :)

guac Hooray for a good day :)

magical, wow on the scales, glad it was just TOM :)

Chubby Mom, good job on the 2lbs down :)

down .2 to 168.8 but I am having my second TOM this month so don't know what the scale will say in the morning even with the Atkins induction day.

ok here's my rant ... yesterday my snow day, I was feeling good about myself looking in the mirror while my husband was shaving before work and said, "look Honey!" he said, "stop holding your stomach in." I wanted to punch him in the throat :mad: I said, " you really know what to say!" it angered me because that is not the first time he has said that. I found it to be rude. He said he was just joking but I don't think jokes like that are funny. He's skinny and always has been other than a Pepsi cola gut that has finally gone down since he decided not to drink soda the end of last year. On a good note, a co-worker asked me what I was having for lunch today, she said she's amazed at the discipline I have because I'm always talking about what I'm craving but I never eat it or go to the machines, take out carts or take out trucks to get it. Then another co-worker said, "I know you're not dieting with the way you look! You don't need to diet you look good." oh how good that made me feel. When I told her I was dieting cutting out carbs and what my highest weight was another co-worker told me she has come down from 253 to 140 something (it has taken her 3 years) and she looks great. So with all this said my husband had me on fire but the ladies at my job picked me again. *** this story stemmed from you all's post on your supportive husbands ... mine use to be when I was bigger but each time I lose weight I think it makes him insecure or something, idk :shrug: thanks for listening or not :)

Enjoy your evenings :hug:

Mrs Snark 01-30-2014 08:25 PM

Husbands. Can't live with them, can't punch them in the face when they deserve it.

I swear, men can be soooooo tone deaf to the words that pop out of their mouths. It doesn't make the words any less hard to hear though. Sorry he said those things to you Rennie!

love2b150 01-30-2014 09:00 PM

LOL Thanks Michelle :hug:

MarleneV 01-30-2014 11:18 PM

Hi all,

Hope that everyone is doing ok. I'm fine, and thanks for the notes on the car issue. The car is in the process of being fixed already.

Yesterday & today were typical as to meals, except today I went to a networking event after work. They were to have drinks and "light appetizers", which consisted of chips & salsa. So, I was really hungry when I got out of there, but my co-worker wasn't feeling well & didn't want to go for dinner. I could have stopped somewhere after I dropped her off, but decided to just come home & make a big salad here. So, ended the day with about 1300 calories, did not do 30DS, but have done the past 2 evenings.

Cattails 01-31-2014 12:58 AM

Aw, Sum, sorry the scale is behaving badly. You know you're doing everything right - look to the long view and never mind the occasional mystery bump!

Grats, Chubby - your diligence is paying off!

Omg, magical, your poor abused scale! Let that be a lesson to it and any future ones.

Nice going, guac - doing a body good!

Rennie, I'm sorry your DH upset you. It could be he's a little insecure about how much you're changing right now. Sometimes I have to get really serious with my DH and make it clear how much something he's said bothers me. He hates to be "lectured to," and good! Then he remembers that and stays clear of "jokes" like that.


Originally Posted by Mrs Snark (Post 4932476)
Husbands. Can't live with them, can't punch them in the face when they deserve it.

Hm, I don't know if I agree with that - sometimes a little brute force is called for! :lol:

Kudos, Marlene, to not caving to instant gratification! I carry a ziplock bag in my purse with a mixture of seeds, nuts, dried fruit and a few mini choc chips for times when I get hungry and am away from home - a few nibbles and I'm good to go for a while. I can't tell you how many temptations my baggie has saved me from!

Cattails 01-31-2014 01:04 AM

Weighed in at just over 115 today - that's nice to see! I went for a long walk and did some iron yoga today; think I'll take a rest day tomorrow, I'm due one! Weird eating day: went to a Mexican place for a late lunch and just not really hungry tonight for any dinner. I guess this will be a low calorie day.

B: greek yogurt with cherries and flaxseed
S: 1/2 a banana, tsp of peanut butter
L: chips and salsa, one chicken fajita, 1/2 a tamale
S: few handfuls of plain popcorn, coffee with creamer, 1 oz dark chocolate

love2b150 01-31-2014 06:41 AM

Marlene, you did very well yesterday, passed up all temptations ... I hope I'm able to do that when the time arises :)

Cattails :), He apologized last night. When he came home I was still up and I complimented him on his attire, he looked nice :) and I then said, "see I know how to pay someone a compliment, so He said, "I'm sorry Honey I won't ever say that again" :) Cattails I need to remember the baggie when I go out :) thanks

Weight stayed the same 168.8. total loss for January, 10.2lbs. I did well, pat on the back, now to keep it up and get to my 165 Valentines Day goal weight :crossed:

Sum38 01-31-2014 07:35 AM

So I was at 10+ pound loss for the month, but because of my mystery gain, I ended up just 5.4 pound loss :( Better than no loss I guess. Maybe once this bloat leaves, February losses will be glorious :) I am hoping to be at 135 pounds by the end of Feb. A tall order but I know I have 5 pounds of bloat to work trough at first and the rest should come off quickly.

I am also still tweaking my calories. I think on heavy exercise days I will eat 1800 cals, the rest of the days I will stick to 1560.

I can not believe that a few days ago I was worrying my weight coming off too quickly, and now I am worrying about my big gain...weight loss can be so frustrating :dizzy:

So today is a lighter workout day; just step aerobics (and doggie walk, which is super slow in the snow), therefore I'll stick to my lower calorie plan.

Sum38 01-31-2014 08:35 AM

Rennie That is a fantastic weight loss for the month! Congrats! And I am glad that your hubbs apologized :hug:

Cattails I am drawing strength from you. You had your mystery gain and look at you now, back down to 115. :woohoo:

Marlene Nicely done on your dinner. I bet you feel much better today about the big salad choice. Are you still sore from your car incident?

Chubby mum Another 2 pounds gone :yay: Congrats!

magical darn scales! :D At least you know you will lose some of that TOM bloat soon.

guacamole Nice job about getting to the gym!

HI :wave: Mrs. S. How's your weather?

shr1nk1ngme 01-31-2014 09:50 AM


Originally Posted by Sum38 (Post 4932733)
So I was at 10+ pound loss for the month, but because of my mystery gain, I ended up just 5.4 pound loss :( Better than no loss I guess. Maybe once this bloat leaves, February losses will be glorious :)

Man, that really stinks! Especially as you gained it in one day after drinking only fluids, and not enough fluids to account for the weight, either. Soooo aggravating! If you have a big whoosh tomorrow morning, you should count it as your January goal. You earned it!

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