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Default Did that number 40? throw you for a loop?

maybe its just me.. But since I have turned 40.
I cant seem to get out of my own way..
I cant decide where I belong... Mid Life Crisis?
I cant figure out, how exactly I should feel.

LOL. pathetic I sound..
Deep inside I want to lose the weight...
When you turned 40 did it seem to make it impossible for you?
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Fat to Fab and Fit
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40's have been a very interesting decade for me, to say the least. My hormones have gone wild. I felt more balanced in my 30's and hope that my late 40's and 50's will bring calmer waters my way.

I was very thin until my late 30's. Due to some unseen circumstances, an illness that was misdiagnosed, I was placed on mega doze of prednisone and it brought on, partly, the pounds. Secondly I think because of my raging hormones, I gained weight.

I do feel more balanced in my mid 40's. Partly because I have obtained some inner peace, and come to terms of being 40 something.

Weight loss is doable. One just has to be ready to commit. I think metabolism has slowed down a little bit and one must work at it a bit harder, but it can be done.

Looking forward to seeing you on 40 something forums. Good luck.

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I have taken 40 badly. My oldest girl turns 21 this Saturday, which I am taking about as well as I took 40.... ugh. ugh. ugh.
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Back 2 Low CArb living
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I was never actually able to have children.. Lost 1 pregnancy.
So I think 40 kinda of Snook up on me.. I always been over weight..
but just seems like since I turned 40 Im OLD...
MY hormones always been screwed up rofl.. so its not that..
just seems like I think of myself as old..
Positive thinking is needed I guess..
I just don't feel like I will ever lose this weight..
Anyone over 40 losing weight? lol
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Michelle the Vegan
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I took 40 better than I took 45, that's for sure. Then 46 happened, blerg.

I'm mentally saving up for a real conniption fit on my 50th. It's going to be something to see, you can bet on that.

And yes, you can lose weight in your 40s.

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The 40s have been a strange combo for me (I'm in my late 40s now.) While most of my peers have children in college or out on their own, and are starting to get some time to themselves, I have two kids in elementary school. I am living the life of a mom with young children in the home, even though I am grandma-aged for the rural midwest area in which I live. It has kept me young in some ways, I guess. My interests usually dovetail with those of a somewhat younger generation (gaming, etc.)

I'm definitely older, and, obesity aside, there are the usual changes in appearance happening as women get into middle age. I'm a cerebral person, so I have been viewing how the world treats and sees aging women with interest. Sometimes we become invisible to people or at least that is what I have been observing. Despite this, I have always loved whatever age I am, and my 40s are no exception! I definitely feel more... confident, settled, peaceful, balanced, etc. I have tackled my weight loss with aplomb - you can absolutely lose weight at 40+ years of age This is a great age decade, although the hormonal changes can be annoying ;P

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I've been happier in my 40s, but my hormones have been wonky too. To be fair, the hormones and wonkiness started in my late 30s, and I think it was due to birth control, and I'm trying to fix that now. I haven't been able to lose weight since my late 30s, and the weight gain didn't really start for me until 39. I'm not giving up, but I'm also trying to learn how to love myself extra pounds and all. I'd still prefer to be 35. :-)
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seeking balance
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I was thin until my 20's and started having children. My weight bounced around from overweight to obese for the past 2 decades. It wasn't until I was 44, heavier than I'd ever been before and I felt so lousy (physically and mentally) that I found it in myself to seize control and lose all the weight. So, for me, no, turning 40 wasn't really traumatic in itself, and I didn't find it difficult to lose weight in this decade.

Here's hoping that you get settled into your 40's more comfortably soon.
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40 was traumatic for me, but, when the calendar flipped to 2011 and I was faced with turning 40 that April, I finally decided to change my life and get healthy. I reached a point, honestly, that it was either follow-through with suicide, or change my life.

So far, my 40's have been much happier and more interesting than my 30's. Every wrinkle and every gray hair STILL bother me, but my weight is not an issue anymore - and that was the thing that more heavily weighed on me than anything else.
The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.
~ Vincent T. Lombardi ~
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Here to Learn
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40 was hard for me. I had no problems with 30, or 35. 40, yeah. I think it's because I identify 40's with becoming middle aged and since my family tend to live to be about 80 I see that half my life is used up and that's disconcerting. Also, I haven't achieved some of the things in life that I feel I should have achieved at this age, and that makes me feel kind of like a loser.
I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thomas A. Edison

It took me 9 years to learn how to lose weight. Don't give up!
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I am a few weeks older than 45. I do not feel too much older than 44.
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First of all, thank you all for sharing your feelings
about 40 with me..

I know it may seem silly, I would appreciate any age I am..
Look at the other choice..

But again not having kids.. I didn't see the years really go by. same thing in and out...My husband is great he still thinks im the same.. Beautiful and all of that.. but I would say the past 4 months I put on about 15 lbs. and It really pushed me over from being chunky to FAT...

So tomorrow 1/13 Im going back on low carb.. Water and walking..
hoping to be down 15 lbs by valentines day! so I can hold my head up higher because right now.. Im a mess..

thank you all !
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There is no try.
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Default re:

Heck no.

I'm 44 and am the smallest I've been since I was 17. I started losing weight when I was 42.

Yes, I have wrinkles and as my highlights grow out of my hair, there's gray underneath, but I feel and look better than I have in a long, long time.

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I guess 40 will be ok for me...5 more weeks. I have been looking around on this board rather than the 30-something's board. I seem to have more in common here.

Anyway, I feel like 40 is a whole new world...I will be my smallest in the past 21 years. Still have kiddos at home but, two of them are in high school.

Somehow I thought it would bug me but, we are headed to Vegas to celebrate and with my new "getting healthy" body will have loads of fun! Here's looking forward to 40 Fit and Fabulous!

[I]"Failing to plan = Planning to fail!" [/I]

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The BIG Whopper = 150 Final Goal!
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Coming up on 40 was hard but now at 41 it's actually great. I feel better at 41 than I did in most of the last 20 years. At 40 I would joke that I wish I had my mind at 40 and my body at 20 but now I weigh less and feel healthier than I did at 20! I feel like 40 opened a brand new Chapter in my life. I am going after all of my goals and believe they are within reach! I am loving my 40's!
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