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It's been a month and a half since I first posted this question... I wanted to pop in and thank you all for the additional responses and also update a bit.

I ramped up my water intake, started ensuring I got plenty of sleep, and started doing simple daily moisturizing (with sesame oil.) It's going great! My facial skin has noticeably improved, plus I'm just kind of used to my current face now! The wrinkles are def here to stay, but the erm smile lines that go from my nose to the corners of my mouth, well, they aren't as deep/roll-looking if you know what I mean. It's like everything has settled flatter and doesn't look as... saggy, lol, or whatever. My facial changes don't even bother me at all anymore; it's odd, but I don't even think about it. I thought it was going to bother me forever, for real.

Now, can I get a magic wand to get rid of these batwings LAWD

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Default Skin Care

My routine is very basic. I spent a lot of time in the sun growing up, so naturally I have damage. You can help prevent further damage just by using a moisturizer with sunscreen. I use drugstore Cerave moisture to wash, then apply a vitamin C serum (can find for under $20 on Amazon). This helps boost the sunscreen. Then I either moisturize and then apply sunscreen, or use a moisturizing sunscreen. Either works.

I do a bit more as skin cancer runs in the family. Just my two cents. I know I'll look older as I lose weight, but that is ok. Sounds like your routine is working! Congrats
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I'm hoping that I take after my mom, and that my wrinkles don't show up until I'm in my 60s. (Although she had smokers wrinkles around her mouth before then.) I don't have too much extra skin/fat around my face or neck, and I'm not really wrinkling yet. For some reason, the thought of getting them doesn't bother me too much. I cover the grey in my hair (yup, those roots are coming out lighter than they used to), but I'm the weirdo that thinks wrinkles can be beautiful - especially when you're smiling.
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This is actually one of my main concerns when I think about how much weight I want to lose.

I am constantly being told I don't look my age, that I look like I'm still in my twenties! Not only that, but when I was at my adult community choir practice one day, one of the ladies asked if I was a student. And they meant 'high school student.' I have a daughter in high school!

Being fat is one of the reasons, though. I have a chubby "cherub face" and no wrinkles, except for some tiny fine lines on my forehead. But I hate my double chin and the lines I'm getting on my neck. When I lose weight, I hope the double chin still goes away (it always does when I get to about 160 or below) but I worry about getting that deflated, haggard look. I kinda like my cute chubby cheeks, but not too thrilled about my chubby body! LOL!
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I saw a lady for my skin the entire time I list the biggest amount of weight. She said the body loses collagen and we gotta take care of that. It's a totally valid worry!
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Thanks for the discussion, Wicky; it's a topic I've also been thinking about. I don't tend to carry my weight in my face (it's all on my upper arms, so I can sympathise on the "bat wing" issue) and therefore haven't really lost any weight on my face. The climate here is dry, so I've been smearing my face with Nivea for the last 20 years, lol.

Just wanted to add one comment (maybe someone said this already) but you're losing the weight pretty quickly. I'm losing a bit less than a pound a week, which, I'm assuming gives my skin more time to readjust so that may be an additional reason why I don't notice a big increase in wrinkles. Just the floppy bat wings, sigh.

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I will say truthfully it bothers me to see the wrinkles ....when all my life have always been taken as much younger than I actually was.
So when I started noticing it ...... I sought out help of the Professionals.
Did all kind of treatments.
What I thought that worked for me is Botox and some Fillers.
I did not do a great deal but did some to help level out .
And I do not fall in the camp of choosing the face or butt cuz you get up everyday and when you brush your teeth ....I don't want to see a face I don't. Recognize looking back at me, onthe other hand I am not looking in a full length mirror looking at the booty....but I don't want to cringe when I do catch a glimpse of it either.
I choose both and although I realize I will never be that fresh faced teenaged girl ....I am willing to take all the help necessary to make me comfortable in my appearance.
So I keep my eyes and ears open for treatments that give me a refreshed look.
I love my home but I spruce up things and if my walls get dinged I call my favorite painter and he patches and repaints so if I am willing to this with my home ....why should I not do the same thing for my body .
I believe in keeping up the curb appeal..... So yes I trim the bushes! plant new flowers in pots , redo the landscaping.
I want the outside to reflect the inside....but that is just me.
We all have to do what we feel is most comfortable to us. IMO

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Originally Posted by Roo2 View Post
I will say truthfully it bothers me to see the wrinkles ....when all my life have always been taken as much younger than I actually was.
So when I started noticing it ...... I sought out help of the Professionals.
Did all kind of treatments.
What I thought that worked for me is Botox and some Fillers.
I did not do a great deal but did some to help level out .
I cannot tell you how much i wish i could have stuff done!! But cannot afford it or i would! i am not going to gain weight back just to make my face look better as i love my new body but dang it is hard to see aging come about and loose skin and all of that.... i guess it's just something we have to accept whether we want to or not, it'll happen regardless of what one weighs or doesn't! i'd especially love to try fillers though!
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