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newleaf123 12-02-2012 06:07 PM

Any new NSVs lately?
I love reading NSVs; they are so motivating!

So I'll start; here's mine.

Last week I was buying a big jug of kitty litter. In the past, it's been really heavy for me, and I put it in the "baby seat" in the front of the cart so it's not so hard to lift it out at the cash register again.

Well, this lats time I bought it, it actually felt light! I looked at the weight -- it's 14 pounds. I do a lot of free weight exercises using 15 pound weights; I guess it paid off!

lizarddau 12-02-2012 06:51 PM

yay good on ya hun..wish i could share something but i am sooo new at this that i can't...perhaps i will be back later!!..cheers liz

Kat117 12-02-2012 07:43 PM

I walked around a craft fair today for 2 hours and my feet didn't bother me once, nor did I get tired!

kelijpa 12-03-2012 09:29 PM

For the first time I did my 5K on the treadmill at 4 mph for the whole thing, I've been feeling it off and on all day but smiling as I earned those twinges today :D

Pants are getting looser, I actually have a pair of jeans I cannot wear in public anymore, even with a belt...

More comfortable in my chair, I have some room to move around a bit in it...

newleaf123 12-04-2012 08:02 AM

I love reading about everyone's successes!

lizarddau you will get there!! Thanks for cheering me on!

kat117 how great about being able to walk around for hours!

kelijpa congrats on your run! And your pants and chair! I have seat milestones, too. My DH's car has really tiny front seats. When he bought the car in March, I was so disheartened by how uncomfortable it was for me. Since it's a 2-seater, we almost always take my car (family of 4), so I only go in it once a month or so, and each time I go in it, it's more and more comfortable. Feels great!

syndehat 12-04-2012 02:03 PM

Speaking of cars...

I was able to move up my car seat one notch closer to the steering wheel recently! I have lost enough of my "booty" to make the move.


Silly to take pride in that but I will take my win anywhere I can.

newleaf123 12-04-2012 03:38 PM

syndehat that's not silly at all! These things that catch you by surprise are just great; real reminders of the changes our bodies are undergoing... Plus, it must be much easier to drive if the seat is positioned more comfortably for your arm and leg length.

lizarddau 12-04-2012 05:17 PM

whoooooooot you guys are amaaaazing!!...hmmm i think things are moving!!..clothes seem a little bigger..not enough for me to do a jig or anything...did my pilates exercises again last night..i am supposed to do them twice a day but because of my back i decided to ease myself into it and do them once a day for the first week...was sore yesterday so much so i could not sit for too long or stand...very frustrating...went for my walk this morning and also last night and then i did my exercises whilst lying in bed...not sooooooooo bad this morning pretty good in fact..so i am very pleased with this!!...can't wait for the pool exercises to start...will be soon!!...meanwhile still on track food wise!! into my 3rd week..so i am pleased with that too!!...thanks for the inspiration...cheers liz

kelijpa 12-04-2012 06:45 PM

Newleaf, thanks for the thread, you inspired me to start doing some weights, I want to get my arms stronger. It is great when you notice something is different or more comfortable.

Syndehat, I was going to say the same thing Newleaf did, nothing is too small or silly to celebrate, congrats! Those little victories are motivations to keep moving forward.

Keep up the good work Liz!

Roo2 12-04-2012 07:11 PM

Over weekend took my teenage daughter shopping for a dress for Turn about.
As she was trying several dresses I looked at myself in a Full Length Mirror.
I have avoided looking at myself for quite awhile so this is a NSV for me.

Kat117 12-05-2012 09:41 AM

For the first time in many years, I saw myself in the mirror today and felt pretty (instead of repulsed).

SW- 280
CW - 225.2
GW - 120

kelijpa 12-05-2012 08:53 PM

Roo2, Kat117, congrats on the NSV, I actually smile at myself when I look in the mirror (for a change), I know what you're talking about :)

newleaf123 12-06-2012 01:48 PM

Lizarddau great feeling with the clothes getting looser, eh? Glad to hear that your food is on track and youíre still exercising despite being sore. Be careful not to overdo it Ė definitely listen to your bodyÖ

Kelijpa glad to hear that youíre adding some arm weights. And it helps more than just your arm if youíre using free weights Ė your whole core benefits; yay!

Roo2 & Kat117 & Kelijpa glad to hear that the mirror is your friend again. I know that feeling of sadness when you arenít happy with what you see. Itís become my friend again, too!

My NSV today is that about a month ago I started wearing an old pair of larger size 12s I had in my closet, and I also moved 2 smaller pairs of size 12s into my drawer to grow down into. I wore one pair yesterday and another today!! I have a few pairs of even smaller size 12s (whatís with sizing??), so I moved them out of the closet and into the drawer as motivation. Iím hoping that they fit in 5 pounds.

newleaf123 12-06-2012 08:49 PM

Big NSV - resisted the urge to break into the bag of Jelly Bellys sitting in the closet... You should have seen me, as if there was the devil on one shoulder and angel on the other. Ugh. But that was about an hour and a half ago, and the desire seems to have passed. Huge victory. Junky candy is my downfall...

2FatCats 12-13-2012 10:15 AM

I had never heard of NSVs until now. I actually had to look at the abbreviations sticky to figure out what it meant!

Since I routinely beat myself up over missteps I love the idea of building myself up with NSVs instead!
1. I love love LOVE a little coffee with my sugar. I've tried sugar substitues but can't abide the taste. As I was making my cup I pulled out the sugar bowl and the spoon (.5 TBL) and prepared to scoop 3, yes THREE, into my coffee.:o But I didn't I only put 2. Levelled off, not even heaping! And yep, the coffee was nasty and bitter and tasted disgusting. Then I got busy rooting around the forums and I picked up my cup to drink and noticed that it was gone. I drank it all and didn't even notice the *missing* sugar! I did it again today and it didn't taste bad at all! Next goal: ratchet it down to ONE.

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