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100 before 40
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Default Slip ups

Okay I am new here and love reading all the advice and comments. It has really helped me understand that I am not alone. Here is my issue. I had a slip up yesterday. I woke up with a stomach virus and tried to tough it out. Skipped the gym and did not eat until I got home from work. Took some phenergan about 5:00 and felt like I could eat. Boy did I eat, I know I used all my weight watchers points for the month. I ate and ate. I feel horrible today. I woke up again with an upset stomach and haven't eaten a bite today. And to top it off I was up 3 lbs. Ugh! Has anyone else gone through this? What do you do when you have a sick stomach? What can you eat that is healthy but not too much on your stomach? I am going to the gym tonight to lift weights only, I think cardio would be a little much. I am so beating myself up here. Is this a big deal or am I just crazy? Help!
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I am sick with a cold right now and I am craving sugar and comfort foods, which usually take the form of heavy carbs. I think that being sick can bring on cravings. The thing to do is get back on track as soon as you are feeling better. I also have noticed that I am not drinking water like I should - partly because I don't feel well enough to go down to the kitchen for water or to make tea. My mouth is dry and I am probably dehydrated. Any hunger I feel is probably thirst in disguise - so remember to drink!

In terms of an upset stomach, doctors usually recommend the BRAT diet - bananas, rice (can be brown rice), apple sauce (can be sugar free) and toast (can be whole grain/whole wheat). Extensions to the BRAT diet include BRATT (with tea), BRATTY (with tea and yogurt), and BRATCH (with chicken, often boiled).

I hope you feel better soon!
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I think what you asking isn't so much "how do I handle being sick" as opposed to what I think you are really asking which is "help me I feel guilty for overeating".

If I am wrong and your main concern is how to eat when you are sick, it soulds like Guacamole is giving you some good advice in the post above.

If your question is really about the guilt of overeating here is what I would say:
Going by your ticker, you have ALREADY lost 70+ pounds. This is an ENORMOUS achievment. You should be proud of that. But, like me, you have a LONG way to go. So, you, like me, see any slip up as a massive failure. You really shouldn't do that to yourself. You were legitimately sick and out of sorts were you not? It's not surprising that you would go off plan (I am a fellow WW member ) Be sure to track what you ate regardless of how bad it was, and vow to yourself that you will learn from this episode and move on with life. At this point that is all you can do. Learn from your mistake and your should be ready for the challenge when it comes up again. And it will come up again someday...

Feel better & chin up!!
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Some great advice here!
One of the things I remember from WW years ago is to leave that slip up in the past and get back on your program on your next meal.

I made DH some split pea soup with chicken boullion (I use goya packets, they're good and so easy to dissolve) you could use chicken stock instead, chopped up a carrot and onion, then hit it with the hand blender once it cooked up, so basically just left out the ham, it was delish.

I'd recommend some soup, even chicken boullion or tea with honey, the BRAT Guac suggests sounds good, too, I think you need to make sure to get some nutrients into your body and liquids, that'll help to not be so hungry when you start feeling better, the liquids help because if you don't get enough liquid your body will actually start holding on to it, so you might initially have a loss from dehydrating a little bit, but then will start retaining water and see a gain.

You're doing great, as Syndehat says, feel better and chin up, everybody slips up, "to err is human" it's a learning experience, you'll know better how to deal with something like this in the future.

If I'm not willing to put in any more work, then I have to be satisfied with the results I've achieved. If I'm not satisfied with the results I've acheived I have to put in more work. - Kaplods

Thanks to Diana and GardenerJoy for threads that keep me going month after month!

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No advice. When I'm sick I over eat too. I always feel ravished. Hope you get well soon!
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You have to take care of yourself when you're sick..... You can still diet when you feel better
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Overweight again...dang
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I can't top what everyone else said. It's tough when you're sick, so you need to focus on getting well, and do the best you can. My sick stomach needs carbs. If I'm feeling weak or nauseous, I end up going for the carbs. It does make me feel better. Unfortunately, it leads to gain. For me, after such an episode, if I can cut out the carbs for a couple of days, drink tons of water, and really stay on the straight and narrow, I can lose significant water weight. Then go back to my usual routine.

If you look at my ticker, I'm six pounds up from last week (153--> 160) . I had a FUN, diet-free 4 days, which was topped off with a really sick kind of day yesterday where I really indulged on the carbs (my favorite raspberry candy). I hope to see at least half of it gone by Thursday.
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