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Smile M&Ms

hi all, im 43 and right now i am craving massive amounts of M&Ms ("Metabolism & Motivation") LOL

i am 50-60 lbs overweight and i just cant seem to get it together. it started when i got a desk job and didnt get the exercise i needed. then it got worse when i quit smoking 2 1/2 years ago. while im thrilled that i quit and proud of myself, im also mad at myself and ashamed for putting on this weight. i was very slim, active and pretty happy with who i was...now im none of these things and that is why i am here today.

i hope to make some friends, have a good time and get myself motivated to become healthier.

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Good luck on your journey! This is a great place to find tips and encouragement!
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Overweight again...dang
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Coming here is a good first step! Desk jobs make it a little harder, but I'm sure you can find lots of ways to get exercise during your day. I was surprised at what a difference just parking far from the entrance makes, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator!

Good luck with your M and Ms.... I hope we can help!
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Every pound is a victory
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Welcome to 3FC!
New goal: Be a healthy-eating, trim and FIT beast at the gym! 140ish pounds, but the focus is on looking and feeling good--HEALTH!!!

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thank you everyone!! gonna do what i know how and hopefully i will also pick up new ideas from this group. im starting out during the holidays which isnt very easy but i dont want to wait, i need to do this NOW.
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A little encouragement goes a long way! I am 46 and quit smoking in April...I started the South Beach diet in October and am down 13lbs (diagnosed hypothyroid in April so 13lbs lost is no joke). The only exercise I find I will stick with is Just Dance on the Wii...it's a lot of fun and I can get quite a workout in 30 minutes before work. The other thing I've found incredibly helpful in keeping on track is to plan out all my meals for the week ahead on Sunday so I can make my shopping list and have everything needed. I usually will spend an hour or so Sunday night cutting up veggies I'll be needing for salads etc. a little planning and prep makes a world of difference! I spent a few hours combing the Internet for recipes and bookmarking them so my bf can make dinner before I get home....he just checks the meal plan, looks up the bookmark on my iPad and voila! He's lost 20lbs so far!

This site has been a great source for recipes as well as inspiration. Holidays or not, you can change the things you want to change...just ACT!

Congrats on quitting smoking...I know how incredibly hard it is!
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... and a piece of toast.
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Hi and welcome. I just signed up on Monday and also thought 'why am I doing this at Christmas time???' Ah well, no time like the present! Lots of informed folks here, lots of support.
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I found 3FC by 'mistake'...but just signing up today I see a lot I like! Guess I'll pull up a chair and sit a spell...LOL

I'm 41 and work from home most days. I'm mostly out doing 'in home party sales' on the weekends. At these parties the hostess usually fixes cupcakes, cookies, dip, chips...etc for refreshments. So guess what I end up having for dinner? YUP...junk! Then I'm starving when I get home, so I eat leftovers and go straight to bed. It's usually 11PM or later when I get in.

So I feel your pain!

On the flipside, I "could" be using the Wii Fit a LOT more than I am. I have The Biggest Loser game as well. I'm hoping I can find some comfort AND motivation here!
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Btrflyl8e: congrats to you as well!! how long were you a smoker? i started smoking occasionally at 14 and quit cold turkey at 40!! i keep telling myself that if i had the strength and willpower to do that, i should be able to drop the weight too! somehow this seems different tho, LOL!

Michelle and Loose Seal: it seems like with careers, its even harder to take care of ourselves. im currently laid off, so i thought this is the best time to start doing something...even if i am starting during the holidays. just starting this month eating healthier is a good step, i did great for Thanksgiving.

so the Wii is pretty great? maybe i should ask santa for one!!

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