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Default Anyone Else Think 40 Was Toughest Birthday Yet?

I am new here. I just turned 40 this past November and decided to make some changes for my health and to lose some weight. I thought that turning 40 has been pretty rough and woke me up to the fact that I can't eat like a kid forever and expect to be thin and healthy. Anyone else feel that way once they hit the big 4-0?
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My 40th is coming up pronto. It wasn't the main factor, but seeing it coming was certainly a factor in getting me moving back in April. I feel great about my weight going into my 40th - but have some major work to do in other areas in order to really feel good. It's funny how 40 feels different than 39 or 41.
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Yup! I don't really know why, maybe because I'd just had 18 months from he**, but 40 really bothered me (I turned 40 this past September). I think for me, I loved my late 20s and 30s so much, during that time I had reached so many goals, and my kids were little, and it was easy to lose weight, and I just felt good. I also think for me, loosing both of my parents (7 weeks apart dad on 10/30 and mom 12/19 '07) was a huge mental thing. It's almost as if I was forced to finally grow up because I can't call my Mom anymore when I need to be babied a liittle bit.
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Nope my 50th will be hard

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Actually, 40 wasn't bad.. but 38 was difficult. I'm not sure why that was.. but maybe it was just the life events going on at the time?

I suspect 50 will be rough, but I'll worry about that when I get to it.
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All I know is....it is soooo freaking hard to lose weight now that I am 40....I thought it was hard and I was a fat cow at 30 but I look back on 30 and think, "Man I wish I were that thin." Plus, after a hysterectomy 6 years ago, I no longer have periods (which is good--dont get me wrong) but I do feel old...AND THEY GRAY HAIRS...those things are scary!
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Turning 40 went well. 30 was the big birthday I had been worried about as I had had so many goals that were un-achieved by that age. Since then, I have accomplished some goals, changed others, and feel much more at peace with my life trajectory.

At this time, I am focusing on aging gracefully. I don't mind growing older, and expect my body and mind to slow down a bit....I just want to be graceful about it, to give up the super young trends, to dress my age, and to look more timeless yet funky at the same time. And to keep myself as healthy as possible.

I met a woman the other day who was, and will continue to be, a real inspiration for working out. She came over and said hello in the gym, looking about 40 years old. My workout companion and myself were floored when she told us she was around 68 years old...her body was better than many women I see in their 20's, and her face was full of light. Just goes to show how good someone can look with a bit of self care.

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I had no problems turning 40, and it has been a wonderful 'decade' for me. Now, turning 50 may be a totally different story!
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40 wasn't bad at all for me. I am sooo much more confident in my self in my forties than I ever was in my earlier years. 50 may be another story, I'll know that answer in 5 years!
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30 was traumatic! 40 was no big deal. But now, at 46, I'm not sure how 50 is going to feel.
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I didn't have a problem with 40. I had a baby at 37 so I was in a toddler mindset so I don't think I gave the big 4-0 much thought. As I get closer to 50 (I'm 48), that's a different story. Realistically, my life is over halfway finished. that's pretty humbling.
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40 is not too bad, but I am worrying over turning 50.
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I remember having really high hopes for 30 - thought maybe I'd have my act together. 40 was another "oh well". I like the changes I"m making now, because they really feel like a lifetime commitment to health. I go to Masters swim meets and I see women my age and decades older - and they motivate me to keep moving. I have some awesome role models in my grandmas - one is 94 and still totally sharp - the other is 86 and she's still working and supervising 30 people, IN ADDITION to doing 1 1/2 hours of high impact aerobics 4 days a week! The woman can do the full Tae Bo workout - and she didn't even start exercising til she was 75!!!
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I didn't find 40 difficult. It was just another birthday for me. However, 45 which is two years away for me seems more of a milestone (not sure why). I have recommitted myself to being fit and healthy though so I can sail into my mid-40s without much distress. At least that is my plan! I do have to add that the 40s has brought out a confidence in me I didn't have before. I definitely don't sweat the small things much anymore like I did when I was younger.
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Gosh- I am facing 45 next month. It not an easy one!
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