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Default Enjoy the time we have

Time is what you make of it. I make time for family friends and me. Key things that are always around. Sumer is my fav and I hate to say but I love food too. Positive thinking is a great way to also feeling good. But then I try on clothes and that doesnt make me feel all to great. I have tried lots of diets and I was up n down all the time. I am in search of a diet that I went on when I was 17 (thirty years ago) that was call ( the mayo clinic diet ) . 2wks on and stick to it. You will lose 20lbs. I know it works my Mom n I did this together. This isnt a good diet for your health really I have to admit but It does work. its what alot of people say and one said that its a diet that the hosp. give you before surgery. this was a fad diet back in the 60s and 70s. here are some of the things that is in it. ( lots of eggs, grapefruit, tuna spinich, crackers, steak, lamb chops, fish, dry toast, lett, cucc, tom, olives, celery, coffee or tea) Oh and one thing to is I wasnt hungry and I felt good on it except the first day with all the eggs only. Now I know most of whats in it just cannt remember how the plan is I know the first day is 3eggs for breakfast 3eggs for lunch 3eggs for dinner then I just dont know But if I seen it I would know. Soooo looking for this diet. Well Good Luck with everything. Love to you all.
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You seem really focused on this diet even though you know it is not a good choice for your body. I am going to be a little blunt here, but it seems like it is giving you an excuse to do nothing about your weight or your physical fitness level until you find THIS particular plan again. Yet it is a fad that will teach you nothing about long term maintenance, so even if you find it, once you go off of it, you will regain the weight unless you somehow learn more about portion control, calorie/carb limits, adding more whole foods, increasing your physical activity, etc., etc. So here is the thing, it is A LOT easier to learn those things during a healthy, sane, slow and steady weight loss program so that when you reach your goal you already know all those things intuitively and don't have to try to figure them out without ever having learned how many calories your body needs a day or how much exercise you need. Also, this kind of fad diet is little more than a starvation plan with its calorie limits. Your need around 1200 calories every day to provide the absolute minimum amount of nutrition your body requires. When you take it under that, your metabolism drops drastically to compensate so when you go back to regular eating, you are even farther in a hole than you were when you started. When the weight starts piling back on, you are also dealing with a sluggish metabolic rate as well -- so you gain even MORE weight (This is the classic yo-yo dieter dilemma). Lastly, twenty pounds in two weeks is crazy...think about it logically. That is TEN pounds a week. Which, if it was really fat loss, would translate to a deficit of 35,000 calories a week (Since a pound of fat equals 3,500 calories). That would mean that every day you would need to be eating a deficit of 5000 calories a day! Unless you have a serious eating disorder, you are probably not eating a whole lot more than HALF that amount on any given day RIGHT NOW. Simply put, it is physically impossible to do this. That being the case, the vast majority of the weight is, therefore, going to be coming from water -- which is NOT real weight loss...and if your body is in starvation mode, another unhealthy chunk of it is going to be your precious lean muscle mass -- the engine that drives your metabolism in the first place -- as your body eats itself to survive.

There are many different, sane, sensible weight loss plans that people on these forums follow. I am a simple calorie counter and include some moderate exercise (Both cardio and resistance training which I do at home). I have lost 40 pounds in a little less than five months -- without starving or feeling particularly deprived. But like I said, there are plenty of other plans to choose from. And there are plenty of us who would be happy to give you advice, pointers, help you get started, etc., etc., etc.

Make good choices for your body. It is the only one you get. Good luck!

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I have to agree with what Schumeany said - it seems that you've made this particular fad diet the focus of all your hopes. That if you can only find THIS diet, you'll be able to lose all the weight you want and everything will be perfect.

But it won't.

"Dieting" doesn't work long term - not the way you're looking at it. You have to be willing to look at how you eat every day and make changes to make yourself healthier. You have to be willing to exercise and move your body around to be healthier.

I have to tell you that while you'll find lots of support and encouragement here, you're not likely to find people who will help you to be unhealthy or to fad diet yourself into being skinny.

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Hi LivingLife NJ - we all understand the reason why you want the weight off so quickly...seems like when we finally make up our minds to do something about it we don't remember that we didn't gain it in two weeks. I hope you listen to the previous advise and realize that you are worth putting the extra time to lose what you want in a healthy way. You Can Do It and the few extra weeks it takes will be better for you in the long run. Best to you!

It's not the finish that matters - it's what you've learned along the way

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