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Default I Just Ate 2 Cookies !!

I was bad tonight. I did NOT eat dinner, had a miserable headache. My son comes home with a package of OREO cookies. I am NEVER tempted by OREO cookies, NEVER, maybe homemade chocolate chip, still warm from the oven, but NEVER lousy OREO cookies..................but I had TWO !!!!!! Why did I do that? Yes, I was hungry because I did not eat dinner but dinner was on the table. I could have had healthy wonderful grilled chicken breast with steamed broccoli and boiled red potatoes but NO, I wasted calories on two lousy OREO cookies. Why the heck did I do that????? I am so mad at myself that my headache is pounding now.
Someone kick me in the butt !
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Don't feel too bad, yesterday I pigged out on like 4 chocolate chip cookies, with milk.
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2 oreo cookies does NOT a 3FC member make. Now 2 a day..just might. So you slipped...now can you make it up tomorrow. No Biggie, You can't take those two cookies back...tomorrow is another day. Go to bed, have a good sleep and fight the good fight again tomorrow.

"Old ain't no place for sissies" Bette Davis
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Old 09-11-2008, 07:58 AM   #4
Waves of Change
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All I can say is "mmmm.....oreos...."

It's a new day! Begin again.

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Changing Inside and Out
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Do not fret over 2 cookies. Just get back on track kiddo, its only one day and one slip. Do an extra few minutes of exercise.
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Only 2 cookies?

Two months ago I would have eaten half a package.

Two cookies is an acceptable treat.

Hang in there!

"Make time to be healthy or make time to be sick."

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2 sounds okay to me.. when I "lose" it, I usually eat at least half a sleeve.
Gigi; Wife to 1, Mommy to 3 dds

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Old 10-03-2008, 03:23 AM   #8
I Can Do This!!
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I'll help you out, next time give me one of the cookies
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2 cookies is not bad. You're ok .. just keep going today and you'll be fine!

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You stopped at 2 cookies - IMHO, that's like eating 2 potato chips-kudos to you for stopping!
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Two oreo cookies have about the calories of a medium to large apple. Not the nutrition of an apple, of course, but in the scheme of things a pretty small slip.

The expectation of food plan perfection destroyed more weight loss plans for me than just about anything else. I'd eat something off plan, and whether or not it had any impact on the weight loss itself, I'd become angry at myself and discouraged and convinced that I was just unable to stick with the goals I'd set for myself (which was true because my goals were kind of crazy to assume I'd never ever slip), and I figured I might as well give up, because I just couldn't do this.....

Kicking myself in the butt never did anything except convince me that I was a stupid idiot who was unable to stick to a food plan and therefore unable to lose weight. Well, I found that the first still is true. I do sometimes go off my food plan, or otherwise make food choices that weren't the best, but I found that weight loss isn't determined based on one or even a few choices, but on hundreds of choices. I don't know why I was convinced that one bad choice "blew it" and erased every good choice I had made up to that point. But it's one of the crazy thoughts that are part of weight loss "tradition," despite us all knowing it isn't really true, it still can seem like we're "supposed to" think this way any time we make even the smallest mistake, but beating ourselves up like that contributes more to failure than success.
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