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JoJo...good thinking..

Pam..I can't have certain things around because I am helpless around them. Cashews would be one.

Sandra.. 4 hours..I am with Rhonda..Have you gone Daft Glad you are okay.

Maryann..Do you plan your recipes each week.
I need one set day I plan my weeks meals & then shop the next day,
I have never had a routine because every week used to vary so much but it would help me now.

I woke up this morning and my cat had a swollen face and was in a daze & not really responding to me like usual. My vet said they were swamped and i could leave him in a cage to be seen later. Told them it might be time to change vets if they had gotten too busy to see emergencies. Went to my neighbor's clinic (they are both vets). They felt it might have been a spider or bee sting. He seemed better in just 10 minutes after pain meds & a benydryl shot. His temp was 104. He is still not himself but is much better.
I have antibiotics & pain meds to give him & I need to watch his temp. He needs a broken tooth to be surgically removed soon but they are thinking its unrealted to that. My brother is a vet in another state so I may go see him this weekend so he can do the dental surgery which will save me about $500.

I am going to visit my son tomorrow and help him get settled into his college apartment.
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