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Hi, Judy - I'm not going to officially join your challenge because I'll be on vacation and away from a computer (notice I didn't say "away from a scale" because it's going with me!) from the 27th through Labor Day and I'll miss the end of the challenge. Friends and I (and our families) rent cottages on the lake shore about 20 miles from home for the last week of summer and get Labor Day weekend as extra days, so it's close to home and we come back and forth quite a bit. I usually work a couple days, come in to pick and/or water the garden, etc. And I'm taking my scale with me, so I can weigh in. The "menu" you posted is almost identical to how I've been eating since I started this process in mid January, except I only eat pasta, potatoes, and rice once in a while - maybe once a week. I laughed at your breakfast - it is exactly what I eat EVERY day. If I don't do the Fiber One thing, there are big problems later! LOL.

For me, the challenge will be exercising and eating this way while at the cottage - there are at least 8 families involved and meals become a nightly food fest. I just have to eat what I know is good and keep portions under control. I guess I'll be walking and doing what I can on my own for those days. If I just maintain for those 10 days I'll be happy.

I think you'll do well on this plan - 17 days or forever. I've found it to be pretty easy to stick with this type eating at home and away. I don't strictly count calories but try to stay at about 1500-1600 right now. I drink at least 100 ounces of water and go to the gym almost every day for either cardio or weight training. I also try for 7 hours sleep, but that doesn't always happen in the summer - just too much to do.

Good luck.


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