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I soooooo have this problem. And it's nice to hear that someone else does too even though I'm sorry you're struggling with it. I've had this problem since I turned 21 14 years ago and it's how I gained most of my weight. I've never considered myself an alcoholic (a label I feel is entirely subjective) because I'm highly functional. I have the same issue as others mentioned where I don't have to drink and don't always drink. But when I drink I don't stop at 1 or 2 or 3. Then the problem is that I ended up eating like crap. And then if I happen to have a hangover the next day then I don't want to exercise and I eat crappy hangover food. So I've wasted two days of not being healthy. It's a vicious cycle.

I tend to want to drink when I'm stressed out or I'm bored. So it's a habit when sitting in front of the tv or after a bad day at work. Over the years my tolerance has gotten really high which is partially why I don't stop at 1 drink. There have been points in my life when I've stopped completely and really got into exercise. But due to other health issues (hypothyroidism, PCOS), I never lost weight which was so discouraging and just got me back into the habit. But now that I'm getting the health issues under control through medication and am losing a little weight, I'm starting to really believe that I can quit this binge cycle. But it's really really hard to break these habits. And like you I'm really disgusted with myself after a binge. I'm tired of feeling that way. But habits have to change. I'm trying to find ways to occupy my nights better after work. Plus I'm not hanging out with my friends who drink as much which is also hard. But until I get this under control I'm not going to lose weight due to all of the extra calories plus other things that your body goes through because of this.

Not sure if this helped. But it's a process. Hopefully you'll have good luck in your battle. Stick with it just like I'm trying to stick with it as well.
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