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Talking Looking for food accountability partner


I am not new to OA, I simply am not able to get there now due to work schedule. I am looking for someone that I can send what I ate to them each day. You could send feed back or not. I know I don't eat perfectly, I know how I am supposed to be eating and I know I don't always choose wisely. I am not looking for a diet but a lifestyle. I already work out, drink my water and do most of the things I am supposed to. A treat now and then is what I would like to be able to do. Lately I am finding myself eating too much and I think if I had an accountability partner it might help me to not overeat, or at least be more careful. I admit I am not totally ready to give up the sweet and salty things in my life but if I could get them to my used to schedule of once per week, that would be great. Any takers or suggestions? Thanks.

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