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It's just my husband and I, but no. We'll generally eat a similar meal because I'm the one cooking, but I have to cook different "sides" for him. An example would be, we'll have the same meat (but my portion will be smaller), but while I'm having half a plate full of vegetables to go with the meat, he's having half a plate full of carbs (potatoes, rice, whatever). I'm not on a low carb diet, but to be successful I often just choose to have veggies + protein rather than a ton of carbs in a meal. Anyway, he hates vegetables. All of them, except some legumes (the beans). He'd probably lay down and die rather than eat them if he was diagnosed with diabetes. Nothing I can really do about it, other than try to make his carbs as healthy as I can whenever I'm cooking. IE - brown/whole grains instead of white, though he kvetches about that as well; steamed red or purple potatoes with the skins on instead of peeled white potatoes mashed full of butter; not adding salt but using herbs for flavour instead, etc. Anyway, thankfully I don't have any food addiction/carb addiction problems, or his eating habits would be extremely sabotaging (not only what he wants to eat for meals, but the sheer amount of snacks he brings into the home).

If I was to stop cooking for him because I didn't want to cook mounds of unhealthy carbs for him, he would eat a giant bag of chex mix for dinner instead of cooking for himself, or he'd go to Taco Bell. It's how he lived for years before we married.

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