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Drink loads of liquids. Water would be ideal, or tea but crystal light (made with carbonated water) or diet soda are fine too if you don't feel you can handle that much water at this stage. Plus the taste helps your taste buds a bit. If you're craving salt stock up on lite or low cal powdered soups. I have a few knorr and Batchelors brand that are ready in 2 minutes and are only 30 (spicy tomato lite) or 60 (chicken and mushroom) calories per packet and because of the liquid make me feel novelly full.

Chew gum or brush your teeth, it keeps your mouth busy and the taste discourages eating.

Make veggie snacks. Baby carrots, celery sticks are good low cal options and you get the sensation of eating without doing much damage.

Plan your meals ahead so you have something to look forward to. If you have a plan, you tend not to feel like I have to eat immediately because you know your next meal time is coming soon and you know what it's going to be.

Try to keep busy/work out. A lot of the time the feeling of hunger stems from boredom (even when you have things to do). Go for a walk, clean, volunteer, exercise. If you're actively doing something, you don't have the time to stop to eat.

Track your workouts and food. Even if you choose not to be a calorie counter, it doesn't hurt to know about how many calories are in the foods you like to eat and to know how much effort in a work out it would take to burn even a fraction of your favourite snack.
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