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Originally Posted by Celticgirl View Post
Thanks ladies for the advice. Funny, every time I read over my IP papers I discover something new. I had been eating red/orange peppers every day, then I discovered you could only have those 2x a week. Wow! So out with the red/orange, in with the green peppers.

I've seen mixed reviews on eating broccoli and cauliflower more than 2x/week. I eat that just about every day too. Any thoughts?

That could definitely be slowing my losses!

I want to at least put up my 5 pounds lost ticker!
Collie, you may have an old phase one sheet. The new one says to follow phase 1 until you have reached 90% of your weight loss goal (the old one says 80%) I found a new one here on this site in the stickies above all our threads.
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