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Red face Wow! So glad I started this thread, you guys are awesome!

Joyc21, great job hitting the gym! That's the spirit! Also, resisting the ice cream is great. I'm finding it hard. It's summer and I am married to an ice cream-a-holic!

Kariatari, wow! That sounds like quite the bike ride, good for you! I wouldn't have been able to do that, I'm not in great shape. I'm inspired. Sounds like you worked off whatever you ate.

Ladynredd, great job on the zumba tapes. Which ones do you have and are they easy enough to follow along? I'm interested in learning that.

NCchickie! I want your NSV very badly. My clothes are feeling tight and I hope to do something about it.

BettyBooty, way to go! Keep up the great work. I'm glad someone noticed, that is a big morale booster!

Girlsenberry, no I have not taken measurements but that might be a good idea. I think that salmon sounds great. I'm on vacation next week, but I think I'll start measurements once I get home and I hope to add in some activity as well.

PreciousMissy, that skirt that isn't too tight anymore is awesome! I hope I get that hungry feeling thing too. I love this thread as well. I truly needed to be inspired and this is helping me. I hope it helps others too.

Patchymama: quoting you here!
My non scale victory today is that I'm not letting a tiny blip up on my scale put me in tears today. I know what I did wrong, I will do it better. But I will not beat myself up for being human.
That is exactly what I needed to read today. How did you know? My "bad behavior" over the last week was pretty much almost putting me in tears. I was so low. But, here I am working hard and thinking positively. I have tracked today, and I'm feeling good. I will not beat myself up over letting things slack for a little bit. I am human.

Osaunt, you did the right thing and that apple truly helped. I have to remember to keep checking menus on line and planning ahead, even when I am on vacation next week. I can TRY at least. I won't be perfect, it is a vacation after all. But, I can and will do better than I would have done in the past.

You guys are great, let's keep these NSVs coming!
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