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Default IP Ultimate List Recipes, FAQ, Newbie Guide, Exercise, and other Important Threads

This thread is to serve as a replacement for the ever growing list of sticky threads which are drowning out the regular threads This thread will be updated as needed. Please send me a PM when you are ready to close (archive) an existing thread and begin a new one.

These are all very helpful posts for new and seasoned IP dieters. Newbies should browse these threads before asking questions, and you'll probably find all of the answers you need.

Ideal Protein Diet Phases
IP Life after Phase 1 Archived, no posting
IP Tips for Newbies Archived, no posting
IP Restaurant Guide
Restaurant Woes Additional restaurant tips
IP Food Alternative Ideas and Tips Archived, no posting
The Real Cost of Cheating

IP Recipes Archive 1
IP Recipes Archive 2
IP Recipes - Archive 3
IP Recipes - Currently open for posting
FinnSteven's IP Recipes and Pix from Finland
Fun with Veggie Purees
Fun with Ideal Protein Packets
MiX'N' iN THE KiTCH'N....Recipes from the Rainbow Vol 1
MiX'N' iN THE KiTCH'N....Recipes from the Rainbow Vol 2

IP FAQ Archive 1
IP FAQ - Currently open for posting

Exercise thread includes lots of tips and inspiration

IP Maintenance Support:
Archive 1
Archive 2
IP Maintainers Archive 3
IP Maintainers Vol 11 Currently open for posting

Additional Resources for IP Dieters:
Ideal Protein Group at Sparkpeople
Idea Protein Group at FatSecret
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