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Lots of things led me to hate the way I look, and want to be thinner.

1. I realized nobody complimented me since I got married 4 years ago. (I gained about 40 lbs after that, and I was on a curvier side of "avg" before) When I was younger, I had a very striking look; Not to say I was the most gorgeous or even very photogenic, but people stared and had something nice to say wherever I went so much that I was used to it. Now, I am a ginger hiding inside a fat suit, looking like every other person that graces lol. When people see old photos of me they go WOW YOU DON'T EVEN LOOK LIKE THAT, YOU'RE SO PRETTY IN THIS PIC. Ouch.

2. I have an aunt who looks like humpty dumpty. Literally, round and short, so egg shaped. Love her to death, but she has bug eyes a la rodney dangerfield, hair so thin you can see her scalp clear as day, and when she sits down, less than two inches of her upper leg (to knee) is visible because her belly covers the rest. Two of her friends were recently teasing her that she looked like the ice age squirrel, scrat, good naturedly though. Their preschool aged child looked at them disapproving and said "That's not very nice. It's true, but not nice."

Every time her friends would meet me, they would lose it over how much we looked alike. Strangers who meet us together assume I am her daughter and when their assumption is proven wrong, they rave about how we look so much alike. REALLY PEOPLE???? If you see a young woman who is a dead ringer for Steve Buscemi, do not tell her that for the love of god. It is not a compliment, it is heartbreaking.

3. I have a hump. It's like my body ran out of fat storage and just had to give me an extra curve somewhere. I have what amounts to a breast, this little pad of fat, where my spin begins to curve atop my shoulder blades. I could probably sit a drink on it and move through a crowd with little or no spillage. Sexy.

I've lost... lessee... 215 to 192... but it's been a very slow process. Back again for another round (: One thing is for sure though, without being so large now, I'd have grown up so stuck up and full of myself. Now I don't take myself so seriously and it's done me a world of good. Laugh or you'll cry, right?
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