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Yes, yes and yes.

1. I don't own a full length mirror. My 20 year old daughter has one on the back of her bedroom door, but I rarely venture in to see what I look like. Just have the bathroom mirror for washing my face/contacts/brushing & flossing. I have always had large breasts so if I can't see anything "sticking out" past them, I tend to delude myself that I'm not as big as I am. Facebook has been a bit of a slap in the face. I do detag the especially heinous ones.

2. Realizing how big my upper arms are. And oh me, oh my, the back fat.

3. I just got home two weeks ago from a family reunion with 79 other family members, a cousin's husband, my sister and I were the only heavy people there.

4. It really sank in that I weigh 30 pounds MORE than I did when I gave birth (I weighed 154 at delivery for all three kids).

5. I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines waiting for life to "happen."

I am super lucky that I have been married to the best guy ever, who has always told me I'm beautiful, no matter what size I was/am. But I don't feel pretty anymore. It's time to get the pretty back!
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