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Haha, Esofia - you must be right about Pam. I mean, she and Eric are super important for the viewers because of their hot vampire looks. No way they'd kill that for a long time.

About the straight couples + friends thing, it depends. Lots of my female friends have male friends even though they are in a relationship. Though, not a lot. A while ago I was having dinner with a good friend, a guy, and he's in a relationship right now. And we were like "if I wasn't gay, you'd have to explain so much to your girlfriend". LOL. It's just weird how people don't just trust eachother. I mean, if you dont - then why are you in a relationship? However - I think it's also just culture. Girls talking amongst themselves will inquire if they have seen one of the BF's with another girl somewhere. They'll start all sorts of gossip and their mind immediately goes to the gutter. So the GF in question can't do anything other than confront het BF about it and make a fuss.

Ah, I'm so glad I'm single. Because lesbian drama can be just as huge. LOL.
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