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InsideMe - oh yes, that ludicrous notion that you can only be attracted to your own gender if you fulfil certain stylistic expectations. I've always had long hair and a Bosom, and in my student days often wandered around in skirts and make-up. I got a certain amount of nonsense about that. You should see my ex-girlfriend, who is thoroughly and definitely gay, she's far girlier than me. (Her Bosom is of equal magnitude.) Has anyone worked out how bisexuals are meant to dress? The women at least, the men mostly seem to be in hiding. Although one random observation: isn't it odd how some straight people assume that long-haired men must be gay, presumably on the thinking that long hair = effeminate = gay man? Has anyone ever met a long-haired gay man? Bi men, yes, straight men, oodles, gay men, never, in my experience. They're all in crew cuts.

Another random question: you know how some straight couples will not let each other have opposite-sex friends Just In Case? I find this completely incomprehensible, as does my (also bi) partner. I thought maybe it was an older generation thing, but a friend of mine who's only 25 was round for lunch yesterday and was telling me all about how she and her mutually adoring husband have agreed not to have opposite-sex friends, at least not to the extent of such intimacies as having lunch with them. Ironically, at this very moment my partner was out getting all hot and sweaty with another woman...playing badminton. Anyway, is this a straight thing? It makes no sense to me as a bi woman, because I wouldn't be allowed any friends at all under those rules. Perhaps I would be allowed friends as long as they came with a certificate of authenticity proving that they were not remotely attracted to women?! Or am I just being naive about how other couples function? It seems like a surprisingly high level of jealousy to me.

True Blood: hmm, Pam generally looks hotter, I reckon, but Eric can also be fairly hot, especially once he cut his hair. (I'm often a fan of long hair on blokes, but it really didn't work for him.) He has a certain puppyish appeal going at the moment which is great fun.

AND PAM'S FACE! NOOOOO! It was funny, we were mainly being side-tracked by yet another of her breathtaking outfits, and my other half was merrily telling me that he finds that sort of thing very attractive and would love to see me in something similar, along with a general discussion of how much PVC and the like she wears, and then next thing we knew Fiona Shaw was cursing her face off and it is just Not Allowed! I mean, Pam is fabulous, and she principally demonstrates this fabulosity by how she looks! (Yes, shallow, I know, but this is True Blood we're talking about. Even the woman I know who sometimes lectures on it, and who has commented that, "I am uniquely fortunate in being able to use the phrase 'inbred meth-dealing werepanthers' in a professional setting," mainly appreciates it for its total daftness.) There's a good chance they'll reverse it, I hope. It's like the rule that no ever really gets killed in sci-fi. OK, they can get killed, but they're just as likely to get magically returned to life one way or the other.
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