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Hi Everyone!!!!!!!

I feel like I have been gone forever! I am still in my battle with 188 - 189. My challenges have been sleep and getting enough calories. I have had several lower than usual calorie days and my body DOES NOT LIKE IT!

Had a night of drinking on Friday and got rid of the water weight for a night. LOL This week my self-challenge is to get enough calories every single day and getting a minimum of 7 hours sleep every night.

I'm coming back to basics and making time to do my check ins for more than just a second. I miss you guys and I feel stronger in my weight loss when I am more present here.

With all of my plateau battles, I am very proud to say that I have been on plan as far as my eating. I am not over-doing it with any junk. That makes me very proud!! I am confident that when I get the proper number of calories and sleep, this plateau will be history.

Here's the breakdown for the weekend:

15 188.2 -.2
16 185.6 -2.6
17 186.6 +1.0
18 188.0 +1.4

I have also rethought about my goal weight. 164 means that I have reached the healthy range so my goal is to see that number and then switch my focus from "weight loss" to "toning". I feel that my weight will naturally drop after I reach 164, but I want to change my focus from loss to toning.

The plan for tonight is kielbasa and mac n cheese with carrot circles for my boy for supper. I will be experimenting with some Panko bread crumbs and making some baked tilapia. I think I'm going to stir fry up some sugar snap peas to go with too. I have my gym clothes here at work and I am going to change before I leave and go home and hop right on my treadmill. I need to run to help remember WHY I am here!!!!

Let's rock the end of July!!! ( I can't believe it's almost the end of July! Maxwell starts school next month! Speaking of....SO DO I!!!!!!!)

"Finish what you've started."

Re-re-re-RE-started on 2/25/17

Mini Goals
Out of the 270s by 3/17/17 - DONE 4/10/17
Out of the 260s by 5/14/17
Out of the 250s by 6/19/17
Out of the 240s by 7/23/17
Out of the 230s by 8/21/17
Out of the 220s by 9/18/17
Out of the 2-teens by 10/22/17
Out of the 2-Ohs by 11/23/17 (Onederland?)
Out of the 190s by 12/30/17
Out of the 180s by 1/25/18
Goal weight of 170 by 2/25/18

One for every 5lb lost:
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