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alaskan do you ever sit still? My goodness you are a busy mom/wife/woman You have so many "adopted" children I love seeing that. I had a "mom" Jean that my own mother hated because Mom Jean took me to the store, bought food and fed me. My own mom didn't have the time (she liked bars and men too much). I love mom Jean so much and we still keep in touch even after years of separation. All your "children" will remember you and appreciate you and love you forever for your kindness. And as one of those children I thank you for your caring heart.

Krystal congrats on pounds down. You're another one that hardly ever sits still. Maybe you're working out more than you think you are because it seems so routine for you...IDK. It seems like everyone's calories are so much lower than mine (granted a lot of you are way smaller than me) and I'm practically stuck in sit position (unless working out or hiking) and I'm still losing so it doesn't strike me odd that you guys are too with your busy lives. Gee anyway, what I guess I'm trying to say it, great job on pounds down !

Diana isn't it weird, I don't feel 40 either. I remember my mom being 40 and thought she must feel old. Yesterday I was doing something (can't remember-yep I'm 40) and all of a sudden I felt this wave of "I'm a mom of a 15 year old. Is that possible? I don't feel that old? I still feel young (in my mind)." It's like my body is getting old but my brain remains in childlike mode. Even my family says that. LOL it's my free spirit and not letting THE MAN cage me.

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