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There were several things, and it spanned over a few years, it wasn't just a moment for me. I believe I was always unhappy with my weight and how I looked but tried so desperately to dress "normally" and somewhat fahionably cause I LOVE clothes and feeling sexy in them. Plus I was depressed while in my marriage. Once I came out of the marriage I started to lose weight as I started to eat at home more and choose healthier choices. I didn't do it to lose weight I did it cause I was going through court and couldn't afford to go out! Once that was done I realized I had lost about 25lbs withouth any exercise just eating habit so I figured I could just keep doing that. Which didn't work, I just plateaued. So I kept trying to lose with diet and started slim fast, but no nothing budged. I knew I had to do's what I have been putting off. Being a single mother of 2 and a career woman, it's HARD, but I used that as my excuse. So I started off slow. I don't know what triggered me, but I knew for a good 2 months the scale wasn't moving while I was doing slim fast. I was getting ticked so I started off low impact, took breaks for water and just kept going. I forgot how good exercise felt! I really did! I am realizing that I need to find my balance between food, exercise and taking care of me. Including going to bed at decent time. So it's been a gradual change for me, not just 1 moment when I said "that's it, I'm doing it" I tried everything else and saw no results so by process of elimination I'm here. LOL
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