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GM All
Quick ck-in before I tackle my day of more canning and freezing!! (When will the madness cease??)

I'll bbl for personals, but real fast:: Stacey--I am not a CVICU RN. I have several friends in that department and my manager is from there, and they try to get me to go practice there, but as of yet, I have declined the generous offer. I love to go there and do ResQ nursing. Actually, that's my fave job of all is ResQ in CVICU. I work Heart Failure, but our unit used to be combined with the Acute MI/Arrythmia floor. So, yea--I LOVE hearts!!

How about this for GREAT NEWS!! I eat lousy for 2 days, found some under the couch and took my K9s for an hour walk last nite (or did River walk me?) and got up this morning to a NEW LOW.

ok, for all the ones who know I only report on Friday's, I'm making an exception--uhm, again--


Did I mention TOM is due this week???

IDK how this happened, but today, I will

I'm a 13.1!!

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