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checking in at the end of the day...came in at 1763 calories and 114 carbs...(omg!) but it was entirely from lots of cherries and a big serving of fresh salmon caught yesterday...mmm...i dont feel like i normally would feel after this many carbs (ie. headachy, irritable)...i feel just fine...but i had my once a year cherries and will be back on track better tomorrow

cut up a bunch of rhubarb tonight and had to stop because it was hurting my hands...will do the rest tomorrow...went to the store late tonight and ran into the teenager who calls me "mommy"..he was off work early at the store and killing time...i gave him a ride to our house and he ate dinner and visited for awhile and then went to hang out with his other friends...his own mom is just all messed up, dramatic, upset at his dad constantly, fighting with his dad, (granted dad's not much better, cheating on her etc) it's a big mess and they dont pay much attention to the kids so i kind of fill in for a nice, stable "mommy" for him...can't believe he'll be 18 tomorrow...ive been his "second mommy" since he was probably 11 or 12 *sigh* i'm getting OLD!
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