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Originally Posted by kuhrisuh View Post
Thanks! After doing some research, I think I probably need to drink more water before/during my workout and eat closer to my workout, just not right before.

This was kinda crazy: I found a site that said that feeling nauseous after exercising is a GOOD thing, because it means you got a "killer workout". Of course the site also advertised lots of powders and had pictures of men and women with unreasonably large muscles plastered all over it... hmm...
My brother is in the Marine Corps, so of course, he is super fit. (He came home, and we almost didn't recognize him because he's so thin! My mom and I were like, "Okay, all we need to reach our goal weights is the Marine Corps boot camp!")

Anyway, I talked to him about workouts before I got started again, and he said, "If I don't puke after a workout, I know I didn't push myself hard enough." I looked at him like he was a martian, lol.

So, I think it is probably a sign that you're pushing yourself really hard. It's not necessarily a bad thing, and I've been there before too, even with the chest pains. (Which I have chalked up to my heart not being in tip top shape, but I also track my heart rate while exercising to make sure I'm not going too far.) Good luck and way to go on the workouts!
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