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S/C/G: 450/tracker/??

Height: 5' 6"


DATE - 17 July 2011

USER NAME - Snaplet

SIGNIFICANCE OF YOUR USER NAME - I needed a user name somewhere a few years ago and my first choice 'Gingersnap' was taken. (a snaplet is a java applet running on a snap server) I've got a habit of reusing usernames and snaplet sounds sort of cute so it became a new favorite username.


AGE - 42



SIGNIFICANT OTHER - I'm pretty significant all by myself thank you very much

ANNIVERSARY - I was married for 10 years, have been divorced for 10 years, I don't remember or celebrate the dates of either event.

KIDS - Two amazing beautiful intelligent articulate talented bold kind incredible young men. It might sound like bragging, but it's really true. My oldest is a US Marine stationed overseas, my youngest is headed to college for his freshman year this fall. I am a VERY proud mom, but it's all them. I just kept them alive and out of trouble (mostly) until they could grow into themselves.

PETS - One giant mixed breed puppy, and 2 naughty kitties. Unfortunately we recently lost Scotty the goldfish. It may have had something to do with his habit of swimming up to see what was going on when one of the naughty kitties was drinking from his bowl.

OCCUPATION - hi-tech mumbojumbo on my butt in front of a computer all day long. Dilbert has a cubicle just a few rows down.

STARTING WEIGHT - I still need to check with my doctor to find out what my highest recorded weight was, but I think it was in the 450s

WHAT PLAN ARE YOU FOLLOWING - Move more. No binging. Eat like a healthy person: unlimited whole fresh fruits and veggies. Increase percentage of whole foods, and decrease processed foods. Greatly reduce amounts of fats and refined carbs. The only thing completely restricted is guilt! This isn't a diet plan, this is my life plan.

FAV. EXERCISE(S) - Anything I can do that doesn't hurt my knee! Currently walking daily and taking a circuit style exercise class twice a week.

FAV. NO-NO FOODS - I don't have no-no foods.

FAV.BOOK(S) - The Dispossessed by Ursula LeGuin. There are a bunch of social and political themes, the two I'm most attached to are that language informs thinking and that people should be measured not by what they own or how they appear, but what they do and how they treat each other.

FAV. MOVIE(S) - I don't have one

FAV. SONG(S) - Take it all by Adele is a current favorite. She is so beautiful and talented.

FAV. QUOTE - I enjoy seeing what other people have for their signature lines. One of my favorites that I've seen here is: "Losing weight is hard. Being fat is hard. Maintaining is hard. Choose your hard."

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU - I am extremely introverted. I like people, but I'm socially akward and I find groups of people very tiring. I'm kind of a girl-geek-nerd, bad at learning people's names, absent-minded about inconsequential things like putting gas in the car and watering the plants. Seriously, I have actually gone to work with shoes that don't match. I accept myself like this and have a pretty good sense of humor about it. The only thing that really bothers me about myself is that sometimes I am accidentally oblivious to other people's feelings. I never ever ever intend to be hurtful and if you give me a poke and tell me what I did, I will apologize profusely and try to make it up and not do that thing again... but please if you don't give me that poke then I don't even know I messed up...

Losing weight is not my goal, only one measure of my increasing good health. Looking forward to 350 as the next signpost of progress on my journey.
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