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say what?
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It was a cumulation of things for me;

- Realizing I'm almost 26, that's almost 30... and after 30 there just isnt a way back to health as easily anymore (sure, it's not such a big disaster - but it felt like now would be the best time if ever)
- Actually feeling the fat on my thighs get icky in the heat
- The scale moving beyond the 70KG which has been my max ever
- Starting to turn into the self-concious almost social anxious girl that I was when I was 18 again... that freaked me out massively! I came such a long way from there - and now my weight was making me all insecure all over again.
- Noticing people wouldn't tell me I was being silly when I make the umpteenth remark about my big butt.

So yeh, it all came together a month before my 26th birthday.
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